Friday, May 20, 2016

Yoo 708 - Backyard Bonfires and Babies

A big sky changing from blue and orange to star-studded black. Crickets chirping in the distance. A cuddly mini-furnace snuggled in arm. The remains of Shadow's kennel and the old shed crackling under flame. Big yellow dog lazily curled up in circle. A certain wife "strongly suggesting" her husband cook the marshmallow a little longer while husband gets frustrated and insists that it's fine. There's nothing quite like our backyard bonfires right now. I love them. And s'mores.

And don't let me forget that big yellow dog not-so-lazily spotting the cat and darting off on a very determined chase. Until he reached the end of his tether, almost breaking his neck and successfully breaking one of the stair posts he was anchored to.

Dad. Don't worry. We fixed it.

A couple more pictures from Skylar's one-month milestone. I plan on using her blue elephant as the "measuring stick" for her first year. These were a actually pictures at 5 weeks because said measuring stick got left in San Antonio and was waiting for a ride up with Greg.

Skylar, oh-so-proud of herself! Her poopy diaper exploded up her back while I was feeding her in Aurora. Then, mid-change in the car, she erupted some more with a nice little water fountain to top it off. Naturally Greg was the one changing her. It was messy. Then, right after the change, she royally spit-up all over him, covering his shirt and shorts.

No I wasn't laughing...

We were completely unprepared with extra clothes because this was a spur-of-the-moment trip, so she got to be naked + a diaper baby cuddled up in her carrier for the afternoon.

I love naked + a diaper baby. She is so cute.

Loving the swing! I kind of love that it's a wind-up swing with a 30-minute limit. Takes me back.

Cuddles with Dylan! I'm going to be sad when she goes back to Utah. She's pretty good at getting smiles out of Skylar.

Basketball at the church...and making sure Peanut is protected from any errant shots while she naps!

Cute sleeping baby. Speaking of sleeping, she is on a sleeping kick. Three nights in a row she's slept six straight hours! And several five hour streaks during the day. She's sleeping a lot. I don't know what to do with myself other than enjoy the sleep and wait for the fluke to be over.

Crazy baby. Seriously, her hair. What to do with it!

More staring contests with dad.

And more basketball at the church. She was actually turning her head to watch the action. Until she got tired of standing still and I had to walk up and down the sides with her. While scoping out a potential future husband for Morgan...

Baby clothes soup. Washing up a bunch of my old clothes for Skylar. There are so many baby pictures that are going to get recreated once she fits into these...

Roscoe, barking up the pole at a squirrel, as he does. Latest ingestion: a dead bird. He's currently exiled dog once again.

Beats, for baby.

Also of note, we've been pretzeling all the things. Make-your-own pizzas on Monday with a pretzel crust and French dip sandwiches with a pretzel bun last night. All homemade and so delicious. I'm on a pretzel kick and it's not getting old.

Have a great day :-)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Yoo 707 - Waking Up Is Too Hard

"I am so sleepy."

"But I've been sleeping forever. I think I'm getting hungry."

"Is mom around?"

"Oh right, I was sleeping."

"But wait, I'm so hungry!"

"I can do this."

"Just wake up! Food is close!"

"Never mind. Waking up is too hard."

And that's Skylar trying to wake herself up. It's a long, entertaining process.

Now for a bunch of phone photos.

Adam helped me set up the slackline and we've been practicing. It's considerably easier without a big belly, but I'm still not good. Skylar sat outside and watched us, cute as ever.

My friend from church/high school happened to be in Nebraska as well this week so we met up for a "play date" to say hi and see each other's babies. Kamille is still one of my favorite people. She's so funny.

Skylar was obviously very into the play date. She was passed out the whole time. And kind of looks like she has a black eye in this photo. I promise she doesn't.

More bonfires. And Skylar's first! She was mesmerized by the flames.

My mom "curls" Skylar's hair into a mohawk. But she won't call it a mohawk. I call it adorable.

Suckerfish Skylar! She doesn't take these types of pacifiers very often, but when she does, I can't stop laughing.

Last package of newborn diapers! Though I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to exchange them. Judging by the number of blowouts we've had recently, I think it's time to move on to size 1 and I'm crying.

Roscoe's always like "Whatever, nobody loves me."

Fresh baby! And then she pooped on her towel.

Bucky, the cat, found baby bunnies. At least these two were spared. Dylan tried to relocate them out of the cat's reach. I'm not sure if she was successful but I'm telling myself she was.

Greg challenged Skylar to a staring contest and lost. We've never noticed it before but she rarely blinks!

Have a great day :-)

Friday, May 13, 2016

Yoo 706 - Skylar, One Month

Skylar at one month:

Weighs 10 pounds 5 ounces.

Stretches 23.25 inches tall.

Wears size 0-3 month clothes, with growing room. And sometimes I still squeeze her into her size newborn sleepers because I'm not ready to let go yet. Also in size newborn diapers but moving up soon.

Is currently nicknamed "Peanut" and "Super Skylar". Peanut because of the swaddle pod she sleeps in and Super Skylar because she stretches like a super hero flying thru the sky. Sometimes Peanut Butter get thrown out there, which usually results in us singing the peanut butter and jelly song.

Can lift and control her head for up to 10 seconds while on her tummy. Will also support most of her weight on her legs for several seconds while being held. She is a strong little baby! Still has her startle reflexes. She smiles daily, but not in response to us yet. Ever so often we'll catch a laugh while she's sleeping and we so look forward to more of that in the future! She makes all sorts of noises all the time, from grunts and coos to hiccups and sighs. Nursing is an especially noisy process with her.

Went on her first long road trip to Nebraska! She has met her grandparents on both sides, all of her aunts and uncles on my side, and most of her aunts, uncles, and cousins on Greg's side. There are still a few in Seattle and Houston left.

Has no routine. She nurses and sleeps on demand without a noticeable schedule. Has slept up to 5 hours at night but usually goes 3-4 hours, with the occasional 2-hour surprise in there to keep me on my toes. We generally live in blocks of: nurse, diaper change, awake time, sleep time, repeat.

Has no real "favorites" yet. She does like to be moving and bonus points if that's moving outside! She quiets right down when I put her in her carrier or wrap and do chores around the house or go for a walk. Rocking or bouncing on a ball while holding her are other ways to soothe. But never just holding her while sitting still! We still cuddle skin-to-skin frequently and she seems to love that. She'll sometimes take a pacifier but she's picky about it. Same with a bottle.

Is the best. I have loved being her mom this past month. Sleepy days where I'm covered in milk and spit-up don't bother me. Well, for the most part. Sometimes, around 9 or 10 at night, I'll start to hit my limit and need a good nap. But 98% of the time I am completely smitten with this baby and 1,000% fulfilled by being her mom. Every part of her is my favorite. And I can watch her sleep and watch her stretch and watch her sit and make faces and watch her do anything for hours on end. It gets better and better with each passing day and it's so fun getting to know her. But I'm still mad at her for getting bigger and already growing up on me!

Have a great day :-)