Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Yoo 712 - Geographic Center

I've had this draft sitting in my editor for months, so all the way back to the beginning of June...

Pictures from a beautiful Saturday evening drive to the geographical center of the United States! It's just outside the bustling city of Lebanon, Kansas, for reference. The scenery doesn't change much between Clay Center and Lebanon but I sure enjoyed watching it go by as the sun got sleepy. Closer to Kansas, the corn and beans did morph into a shag carpet of wheat, covering rolling hills to the horizon. It was pretty in the golden light and I love the flyover states of our country.

I'm still floored that I grew up here and had never heard of this place. It was only an hour away! I have now stood in that geographical center, with Peanut, and fill like a void is filled.

For the record, we did drive to "Downtown Lebanon" for the advertised souvenirs but the whole town was closed because Saturday evening. Though we did see someone mowing their lawn with an old push-reel mower as well as a former school with goats and chickens running around the yard.

Have a great day :-)

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Yoo 711 - Shooting With Dad

Dad's into reloading bullets. It relaxes him. Taking his girls shooting doesn't relax him but somebody's got to use all those bullets so he has more brass to reload.

"I just pull the trigger, right?"

You're welcome, dad.

Mom watched Peanut so I could join the fun last Monday. It's been a couple years since I've been shooting...but I got two bullseyes! Whether or not I was aiming for that target is irrelevant. And I only shot dad's stand once. About an inch away from where Morgan shot dad's stand once. But more than an inch away from where Morgan shot dad's stand once and completely obliterated a joint. That part had to be replaced. But my dad likes fixing things so again, we're happy to help.

The prettiest part of the night was the sunset.

The longest part of the night was teaching Morgan how to release the clip from the Glock.

The safest part of the night was dad shooting without eye protection.

The best part of the night was all of it. Morgan's funny. Dylan's the better shooter. And dad likes to pretend we bother him while not-so-secretly hiding the fact that he loves spending time with his girls (minus Jordan at camp...). I love these people.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Yoo 710 - Nebraska Update

I'm still in Nebraska and still not ready to leave anytime soon. The whole family is here again. Well, minus Adam who just gallivanted off to Idaho. But for a few days the whole family was reunited and it was so fun to have everyone under the same roof. I love Nebraska and the lazy days and thunderstorms and number of riding lawn mowers and golf carts that grace the "city" streets and watching the corn pop up and country roads and sitting on the porch swing and everything else that's great and good about the Heartland.

I do not, however, love the garter snakes. But I guess life can't be perfect.

So in no particular order, the update.

It's Jordan's birthday today and we got an Eileen's cookie over the weekend to celebrate. I shouldn't like a frosted chocolate-chip cookie as much as I do but their frosting is intoxicating. I think it's almond extract and it kills my self control. Plus the colors! It was the prettiest Eileen's cookie yet.

Fueled by the Eileen's cookie, we did a team Crossfit workout on Saturday morning. It involved running a 1.25 mile relay, followed by taking turns to complete 125 pull-ups (with a giant rubber band...), then 250 45lb push presses and 375 reverse lunges with a 25lb kettle bell. Then back down the ladder with 250 push presses, 125 pull-ups, and another 1.25 mile relay. The real workout was trying to control our laughing fits long enough to execute any reps. With all of us together, someone was always saying something funny.

Morgan's half pull-up reps.

Adam getting intimate with the pull-up assist band. "Whoa! That's not where I wanted that to go!"

Trying to convince Jordan to join us by downplaying the amount of running involved. "Just run around the block once...twice."

Using pups as the baton for the running relay. Easy way to get a couple miles on his paws.

And Dylan and I getting real serious about pushing to finish the workout in an hour at about the 46 minute mark. Skylar came out to cheer us on as we made it.

It was too fun. Good intentions, we're going to make a tradition of it every time we're all at home. This will probably last about as long as our other traditions.

Skylar and grandpa, having a conversation. This kid just gets cuter and more fun everyday. I miss her newborn days so much I want to cry, but then she looks at me with her bright eyes and busts out her smile and my brain just shuts down because it can't process that much emotion. AND HER COOS. I have to still be on my baby honeymoon because I can't get enough of her. Even when she has gas and I have to bounce on the exercise ball while massaging her back for an hour.

And her crazy hair. It's straight up all the time. I can't even get half of it to stay down when I comb it with water. She has very determined strands.

This photo is all weird and blurry, but that bubble though. She's got skills.

We're waffling all our sandwiches.

Roscoe, as Greg was packing to leave. He acts like he's super sad.

And then Roscoe about an hour after Greg left, taking up his half of the bed.

He's such a spoiled dog that he gets mad when he has to sit outside and dry after he's gone swimming in the ditches. Stands out there and barks incessantly.

The corn literally popped up over night. It might be growing faster than my daughter. MIGHT.

Walks on the country roads never get old. This was a particularly perfect evening with NO WIND.

And then Sunday evening with a thunderstorm in the distance. Keep on keeping on, Nebraska.

Have a great day :-)

Monday, May 30, 2016

Yoo 709 - Lincoln Zoo

We had to go to Lincoln to pick up a rental car last week and spent a few hours at the zoo to make a day of it. My mom insisted that she took us to this zoo all the time when we were kids but I wasn't remembering any of it until we got there. Then it came back. Measuring my wing span, looking for paper to feed Leo the Lion, and playing in the Eagle's nest. And so I carried on the tradition with Skylar.

She was as thrilled as any six-week-old could be, happily snoozing away in her carrier. But I exuded enough excitement for both of us! I measured our wing span and fed Leo and sat in the Eagle's nest and went down the slide. All the while loving being a mom and having my baby cuddled up close. This is such an awesome, easy stage. She's perfectly travel-size and sleepy. Though that's quickly changing...

Greg had an exciting day as well. He got to hold a tarantula, touch a snake, pet a peacock, and feed a camel. My favorite was his narrations of all the animals' thoughts. Especially the bushbaby. Its exhibit was behind a blackout curtain, with only the glow of one red light illuminating its wide piercing eyes. Super creepy. And then Greg comes up behind me, in a hypnotic voice saying "Just give me the baby. Set it down and back slowly away. I needs this baby."

He lost narrative privileges after that. Though I'm not convinced those weren't the bushbaby's real thoughts...

For the record, I did not touch the snake and I'm still strongly questioning the legitimacy of their claimed "legless lizard" exhibit. Though I could appreciate his name. Legolas.

Still, a fun day. And we got Sam's Club soft pretzels and frozen yogurt to top it off. The end.

Have a great day :-)