Sunday, May 1, 2016

Yoo 699 - Car Maintenance Fun

The RAV4 has been trying to steal the show away from Skylar the past couple weeks. It's still a great car and I love it, but the odometer just went north of 100,000 miles and we decided it was time for a quality tune-up and some minor repairs. So $800 later we were left with just the routine maintenance, which we usually do ourselves to save some money. But are you really saving money after spending $800?


Because the shop wanted to charge us $75 to change the cabin air filter. And we did it for $20 and 5 minutes worth of work. Including looking up an instructional you tube video on a slow Internet connection.

And by we, I mean Greg. Greg did all the work. I kept Skylar alive and fed Roscoe ice chips.

I love how impressive his teeth look in this "action shot". Maybe he does have some guard dog in him...

Close-up on the thighs. They're progressing! Half of me wants to cry and the other half of me wants to beam with pride. And eat them? Being a parent is so weird.

We utilize the shop at Greg's work and camp out for hours while the oil gets changed and the fluids get topped off and the tires get rotated and on and on. And then we wash and detail the car. I actually mostly do that part because Greg's attention to detail isn't his shiniest pearl. It's not bad, probably a normal level of attention to detail, but he married me. And I'm anal. So things get noticed. Like when one of the knobs on the dashboard gets cleaned, but the one on the other side doesn't.

It's fine though! We know which parts we need to play. I camp out in the suffocatingly hot car scrubbing the leather and picking fur from every nook and cranny while he does all the dirty work outside the car. Also, he wants me to draw special attention to the rims (top photo) because he did those himself and he's super proud of how shiny they are.

In the end, it was a fun day and we like working together. Even more so with a dog AND baby to keep us company now! Last time we did this Skylar was maybe an inch long?

Roscoe still doesn't love the fact that he has to share the backseat.

And more baby photos to take us out:

Always getting that hand free. Even in the pea pod.

"Mom, I am thinking." The face she makes when she's trying to decide if she's done nursing or not. This is always followed by her either passing out or aggressively attacking the boob again with her focused face.

Super Skylar! Watching her post-nap stretches is one of the highlights of my day.

And I'm going to be so sad when she no longer curls her legs up like this!

Crazy hair. I love this baby. Three weeks and we're all still alive!

Have a great day :-)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Yoo 698 - White Noise

Genius met desperation last night at 11:30. Greg and I were both past ready for bed but Skylar was a little grumps and refusing all attempts to lull her into dreamland. I pulled up my amazon prime music account and started streaming some "baby white noise". I kid you not, two minutes later she was asleep. We carefully placed her in her pea pod swaddle, let the noise play for a couple more minutes, and then turned it off and quietly left the room.

Well, just as we were settling in to bed, Skylar started to stir. And then cry. I tossed my phone to Greg and told him to turn it back on and play it for her. Sure enough, back to sleep!

So I quickly rigged up a white noise machine consisting of an old iPhone speaker dock and my old iPhone placed next to her crib with amazon set to play the whole baby white noise album on repeat. And wouldn't you know, we had one of our best nights yet. I got three solid blocks of three hours of sleep!

I feel like a million bucks...right now. Here's to hoping it wasn't just a one-night fluke.

And now some updates from the phone camera:

I was trying to capture the spit bubbles she sometimes blows in her sleep. It's so cute.

Roscoe has decided that the rocking chair is his new favorite perch. So now nursing sessions begin with a puppy eviction step.

And then he stares out the window and wonders where he went so wrong in life.

Sunset from an evening walk. My walking speed and distance are slowly increasing. On Monday night I did half the trail! Actually, I overdid it on Monday. It was my first day by myself with my mom gone and Greg back at work and I was like "DO ALL THE THINGS!". And I did all the things. Including an arm weight workout. And then I paid for it on Tuesday. So today, I'm scaling back to half the things.

Or maybe just cuddle with Skylar all day again. She's the best. (AND ROSCOE TOO).

Have a great day :-)

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Yoo 697 - Church

Despite waking up quite exhausted and not pulling myself out of bed until well after 8, we made it to church for Skylar's first time today! There was a fair bit more coordination involved...especially working with the 35 minutes we had before the 9 am start.

I tickled Skylar awake and fed her on one side while Greg showered. The tickling part took the most time because she was being so cute and I couldn't stop playing with her.

Then Greg took over giving her a quick bath and getting her dressed while I took a shower.

Then feeding on the other side to fill up her little tank and off we went, just 15 minutes late...

It was a trial run. We'll get better at this.

She lasted up until the closing song before waking up and beginning to get disgruntled so we abandoned ship a little early. But it was fun to get her dressed up for an hour! In a dress dating back to at least one of my sisters, if not me.

Yes, that is Roscoe's nose poking up at the bottom of the frame...

"Ew, no more kisses dad!"

And some favorite phone pics to take us out:

Have a great day :-)

Friday, April 22, 2016

Yoo 696 - Sleep Progression and Thirty-One

"Mom, I am never going to sleep. Ever."

"Seriously. This face isn't even tired."

"Not tired at all."


And now for today's notable events. There are a bunch of them!

First and foremost, EARTH DAY.

Ok, that and Greg's birthday. He turned 31.

I asked him what he wanted to do for the day and he just kept saying "make you happy". Probably because I'd been somewhat of a grouch (NEVER) the previous evening and it was carrying over a bit thru the morning. But let's not forget the fact that I'm working round-the-clock to keep his daughter alive! He said it with a fair bit of jest but I took him seriously when I settled in for a mid-day nap and woke up a lot more amiable. Happy birthday dear!

Just for fun, we tried this recipe for chocolate frosting made with avocado. It wasn't too bad...especially when paired with ice-cream. He also got Daylight Donut kolaches for breakfast and an afternoon hanging out with his sister and family.

And a sunny trip to the dog park. Skylar's first!

She slept thru it. Also, she loves being worn right now. And I love wearing her. It feels like I'm still pregnant. But better because I can listen to her noises and give her kisses. And take her off when I'm done.

Some more Skylar pics...

AND THIS IS HUGE...her first piece of mail!

She's official.

Last, a couple shots of my view from the rocking chair.

Pups often hangs out with me while I'm nursing. Sometimes he makes himself comfortable on my footstool. But mostly he squishes between either the chair and the wall or the chair and the crib. He's a good dog.

Have a great day :-)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Yoo 695 - Sleepy Skylar

Skylar is a sleepy baby. But she fidgets and coos a lot in her sleep. Her noises trick me into thinking she's about to wake up hungry. And then she doesn't.

Also, she always manages to get one arm free from the swaddle.

We got out of the house to run some errands yesterday. There was a parking lot feeding session. And then Greg changing her diaper in the car. Skylar can sense when Greg is changing her diaper and saves her best work for his audience. It happens at least every other time he's on diaper duty. This time she pooped all over his hand.

Also, her squirms. She is the squirmiest.

And a visit to the doctor this morning. This little chunk gained 20 ounces in just over a week! She took that birth weight challenge and raised it 12 ounces.

Stop growing baby!

Have a great day :-)