Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Yoo 632 - Malaquite Beach

Greg met me in Corpus at the finish of Capital to Coast, after I'd joined my team in an appetizer gorge-fest at some Mexican restaurant. We'd had plans to camp at a State Park but then someone forgot the state parks pass so we ended up heading for the National Seashore on Padre Island. It was early evening and I was beyond tired. I wanted nothing more than to put down the back seats, lay my sleeping bag out, and die for 10 hours. Luckily we found the camping area at Malaquite Beach and there were still spots left so we could set up the tent NOT on sand.

There was a sunset stroll on the beach but it wasn't quite as romantic as you'd imagine because Roscoe needed to be tranquilized. He was going nutterballs with every creature sighting which was exacerbated by the fact that he was attached to Greg's arm. After he got in one with a crab, we just went back and crawled into the tent.

But then Roscoe was all confused. We were in our 2-man tent which is just big enough for me and Greg. Roscoe walked all over us like "where's my spot?" eight times. Even after I'd made him a spot at the foot of my sleeping bag. Not to mention the fact that we hadn't put the tent fly on so he could see outside and every little thing that moved outside. I was tired enough that I slept through most of his shenanigans but I don't think he slept the entire night. I did wake up a couple times to him licking my face, which was weird. He's such a funny dog.

We got up just as the dark was becoming less dark, left Roscoe to finally get some sleep in the car, and hobbled along the beach for sunrise. It was spectacular. My favorite part was watching the pelicans and joking with Greg about possible CD names for their imaginary band.

Breakfast was a cheat because we Dutch-ovened tubed cinnamon rolls but it was still a step above pop tarts. The family camped next to us was originally from the Czech Republic. They had 3 adorable young girls with the cutest accents who kept coming over to pet Roscoe and talk.

In closing, I love running and camping and my husband and my dog and food and the hours buffering sunrise and sunset. It was a great weekend.

Have a great day :-)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Yoo 631 - Capital to Coast 2014, Part 2

The night running was awwwwwwwwesome. Cool temperatures and much easier to focus. I began my second leg on the shoulder of a busy highway just as the sun was setting. It was a beautiful 15 minutes until complete darkness. I felt a lot stronger than expected at that point in the day, too. 

My pace held up pretty well for all 7.77 miles. I handed off thoroughly spent after 1:05:51 with an average pace of 8:29. There was a nice gas station at the transition so I took a quick baby wipe bath and got cleaned up for the next few hours.

Onward supporting the next runner!

The next couple runners went by quickly. I drove the van and got out every couple miles to hand off fluids. It was after my "shifts" ended that fatigue set in. NAP NEEDED.

I got maybe 15 minutes of sleep? An off-road leg and adventure to retrieve a lost cell phone that was actually still perched on the van's bumper woke me up.

Around 2am our last runner finished and we drove to Beeville for some rest. At a Whataburger. I jealously watched everyone down their burgers while I munched on a Cliff Bar. As first runner, I did not have enough time to digest a burger before my next run!

We tried to sleep in the van. It was a lot warmer than it should have been outside so all the doors were open for venting. Three grown men sprawled out on each bench seat, a couple trying to sleep in the captain's seats, and me on the floor. Not the most refreshing shut-eye. And garbage trucks are SO LOUD.

At 5am we headed further south to Skidmore where I'd take over from van 1. My calves were so tight I could barely walk. We waited at a gas station right across from the transition and I hobbled into that bathroom at least 4 times before my run. Caffeine happened. So did BUTTer. There was chaffing and when I finally got the gel applied it stung SO BAD! I almost cried. It was like doing the splits over a thousand angry beehives. Though it only lasted a few minutes and I survived. Better prepared for the oncoming friction, I set a stretch goal of 9-minute miles and tried to loosen up.

Last leg!

It began with the van fending off loose dogs about 2 blocks in. My first mile was just under 10 minutes. I wasn't moving too swiftly. But I caught my first road kill! I sped up a bit because I didn't want them to pass me.

The rest of the 7.35 miles were gorgeous as the sun was rising off to my left. They were also uncomfortable as I was really pushing myself, certain the person behind me was going to make a move and pass at any moment. It was about 5.5 miles into it that I realized there wasn't anyone behind me...

I set my sights on the horizon and counted paces just trying to gut out the final miles. It finally ended after 1:04:07, an average pace of 8:43/mile. Stretch goal met!

Same story, third verse. We kept running/supporting.

Pit stop.

Hours later, after the day got really warm and many more runners had finished their legs, we got to Corpus.

We waited around the corner from the finish for our last runner to appear. During this time I watched a man shove his entire arm between two parking meters. It was a big arm. After that and much twiddling of thumbs, our runner rounded the corner and we all hobbled to the beach together.


Last runner cooling off!

Such a fun relay and an awesome team. I had a blast with these guys! I've known several of them for years. They're like big brothers. But others I'd just met that weekend. The camaraderie happened fast and the whole two days were hilarious. Secretly hoping there are more injuries next year so I can fill in again...

Have a great day :-)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Yoo 630 - Capital to Coast 2014, Part 1

Capital to Coast is a 223-mile relay with teams ranging from 1 person (yes, there was a lady who ran this by herself!) to 12 persons. The route starts in downtown Austin and follows back roads and small highways all the way to the beach in Corpus Christi. There are 36 segments ranging from 4ish to 9ish miles that must be completed in team order. Rain or shine, day or night, someone is running while everyone else takes turns supporting them.

I was asked to join a team formed by a couple of my coworkers last-minute when injuries kept bringing their original numbers down. It was really last-minute (about a week ago) and I was really last-resort (only girl on the 11-member team).

I'm so glad it happened though because it was an absolute blast and now I've seen parts of Texas I would never have traveled on my own.

It looked like every other part of Texas, but still.

We had a twitter account with live updates, if you're really interested in the whole play-by-play. Click here for the twitter account. I'm copying a few photos from there with my own captions!

Friday morning. I was stupidly nervous. Woke up way earlier than my alarm. Didn't want to miss the van leave time! I also was worried about how my running would go. I've been putting the miles in but haven't been training for speed. And as the only girl on a team with 10 guys, the competitive side of me didn't want to be the slowest runner!

The first van of 5 runners drove up to Austin the night before to start the race at 6am.

The second van of runners met up early Friday morning to take over the run from van 1 around Lockhart, TX.

Last runner from van 1 finishing. I took over as the first runner from van 2. It begins!

The adrenaline was pumping and I took off really fast! PROVE IT Teagan. The first mile I ran a 7:11. Which was stupid because I haven't run a mile that fast in YEARS. I slowed down from this murderous pace to a slightly more manageable uncomfortable pace in the lower eights. It was warm out and a bit windy but mostly flat.

Mile five came and I knew I was getting close. Less than a mile! I turned around and saw another runner gaining on me. "I can hold her off!" I thought as I started up a dirt road hill. "This is my home turf!". 

But then my body was like NOPE and I found myself grasping my knees while dry heaving the contents of an empty stomach. Not pleasant but I kept trucking between those "breaks". The girl passed me though. I was someone's road kill! Argh.

I made it and passed off to our next runner. First leg of 5.79 miles in 47:46, average pace of 8:15/mile. That was a LOT faster than I had expected to run so I was pleased. I got to sit in what was deemed the "stank seat" in the van while I cooled off.

Late morning turned to early afternoon turned to late afternoon. We kept running along, handing off every 5 to 8 miles. It was HOT outside so we stopped along the route at least every couple of miles to check in on our runner and provide fluids. It was such a chill, fun time.

The whole team, minus van 2's last runner. We met up while waiting for him to finish and hand-off back to van 1. It was almost dinner time and even hotter.

We had a few hours to eat dinner and clean up before taking over again around sunset.

There was a Schlotzsky's run followed by a visit to Karnes City Junior High. They had graciously opened their gym and locker room to C2C runners.

This picture is from much later that night. At least 3 rows of cots set out, plus a row of mats. We got there around 5pm so it was still pretty empty. Just had enough time to shower and lay down for 10 minutes before it was time to meet van 2 again.

Getting geared up to take over! Our second leg would begin the night portion of this run. Much fun to come!

Have a great day :-)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Yoo 629 - That Thing and This Weekend

I drove a 15-passenger van for probably my first time ever today. It was just from the airport to work but I felt like I was in control of a MONSTER TRUCK. Out of my way baby cars! And then I hit a curb in front of a security guard pulling into work.

This is all in preparation for the Capital to Coast relay from Austin to Corpus Christi tomorrow. I was a last-minute recruit for a team formed by a few of my coworkers. At least 5 other people joined the team and backed out/got injured before me. Or something. I know where I stand!

The plan is to run 3 6-8 mile legs on the 223-mile course. It'll be my first "official" run in over 2 years.

Here's to hoping I'm not the slowest and also, that I don't have to drive that thing up there ever again.

Have a great day :-)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Yoo 628 - Back From Nebraska Drivel

The pictures above. One: the moon. Two: Greg doing dishes!! In the dark because we still have no kitchen light. Three: Depressed dog. Four: Not depressed dog.

We took a long weekend and drove to Nebraska last week. The first leg took 18 hours because we stopped at Cabela's and later fell asleep at a gas station for 3 hours. Also there was another hour spent at a dog park in Wichita, KS because pups was tired of the car. You know that scene in Tommy Boy where the deer is trying to escape the Plymouth? Just kidding, he's not that bad! Mostly because he doesn't have antlers. Other than all that we made good time...

The way back took less than 14 hours and was rather uneventful. Except when Greg thought he saw a kangaroo. And when we waited too long to get dinner and one of us got hangry.

Shifty eyes.

But the trip was a blast. The longer I'm in a city the more I love visiting Nebraska. I would have never said it at the time but I was so spoiled growing up there. Ahhhh, the years just keep on sugar-coating those high school memories.

Smiley face.

Now I have 300 photos to sort thru from just 3 days of family stuff. This may seem extreme but there were sibling football and volleyball games that found Greg in possession of the camera with instructions to "capture something good". He just kept clicking but I think there are some winners buried in there.

Well, Monday I hit the ground running. Five loads of laundry were did and groceries were shopped and I even took the recyclables out. Enter Tuesday and that last load of laundry was still waiting in the dryer and the black bean soup I was planning on making became cereal and then I was super sore from a weight workout and hated having to move. Today hasn't been much better. The post-trip high wears off quick.

Have I mentioned it's cooling off here? The 70s, can you believe it?? October and I'm already thinking of hibernating.

That's all the drivel for now. Roscoe needs some outside time.

Have a great day :-)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Yoo 627 - Four Thousand Dollars

So far the failure of an $8.00 part has cost us over $4,000. And that's the non-plastic version of the part...the plastic version is only $5.00. Yes we have insurance and are only responsible for our deductible but it's still a lot of money to pay for the failure of an $8.00 part.

This is such a fun learning experience! Want to know how much water mitigation costs right now? Then I'll tell you!

$142.17 to rip out a small kitchen cabinet.

$22.87 to throw that cabinet away (even though it's still sitting on my porch??).

$371.99 to rent a massive dehumidifier and 4 large fans. This does not include the anticipated spike in utilities. Every month from here on out I'll be checking that bill with trepidation.

$135.87 to monitor equipment over the course of 3 days.

And that's just the main line items on a thousand dollar receipt.

Another contractor came by the other day to give us an estimate on repairing everything from the leak/mitigation. Their estimates came to over $3,000 with major endeavors like replacing the entire ceiling in the kitchen/dining room and rebuilding a few cabinets.

As said contractor was leaving they casually dropped that they're really backed up and wouldn't be able to get to the work for at least three weeks.

Therefore I have made peace with the gaping holes in the ceiling/walls and lack of a kitchen light.

It could have been a lot worse but it also could have been prevented. I think I'm going to replace all the hoses in my house every year so those parts are always under warranty.

Other news that will utterly bore you: laundry, work, dishes, overtime at work, 90 degrees outside, and my dog. He's awesome.

A tidbit on Cubscouts: we pulled together a really last-minute activity that rocked last week. We basically walked the scouts thru basic maintenance on our vehicle and bicycles for the handyman badge interspersed with lessons on Dutch oven cooking. It was a win because they did our chores and we got to eat cheesy biscuits at the end.

Have a great day :-)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Yoo 626 - Things That Happened, Part 1

The following are things that happened at some point this year. They are now being covered in brain dump order, not chronological.

Above are pictures I took on a short Easter hike in Idaho. I spent Easter in Idaho with family I rarely get to see! It was awesome. And delicious. Also, there was a young man with a German accent who introduced himself at church. He was a BYU student like my sister and was just in Idaho for the weekend visiting a friend's family. "Note" passing ensued:

We'd watched a lot of Hunger Games with the cousins that weekend so the "Chins up!" part was a combination of an inside joke and a reference to that movie. However, my coaxing was unsuccessful and she did not end up talking to the German. Though I'm certain they'd be married by now if she had.

I stayed home from work one morning (in May? or June??) and watched a good college friend graduate from MEDICAL SCHOOL. That was pretty special. I won't even claim to understand all the work and sacrifice she's put in but I remember this being her goal from our college days and some of the struggles and setbacks she's encountered as we've kept in touch over the years. Also, per her recommendation, I started regularly checking in to #whatshouldwecallmedschool and thought of her EVERY time. It's the little things.

Calvin was rescued from the closet to play a triumphant call when her name was read and then the camera was grabbed to snap a quick picture for the memory books. A friendship forged in the cramped quarters of the Snow's practice rooms...long live the horn crew! I'm so excited for her.

Oh yes. Roscoe jumped out of our second-story window. This was traumatic for about 5 minutes. We were getting ready for bed and had our room window open to cool off the upstairs. Our upstairs is a furnace! So it was open about half-way and the screen was in place and Roscoe was lounging with his face there like he always does. Well, enter me in my PJs and Greg in his PJs and it was time to shut the window. Only, as I went to shut the window, Roscoe was like "be right back!" and he nosed thru a torn portion at the bottom of the screen and flew away.

Haha, just kidding! He's a dog so there wasn't any flying. To his credit, it was a regal leap considering the circumstances. I responded and tried to grab around his abdomen on his way out but he was committed. I watched helplessly as he landed ON HIS FEET with only a minor stumble below. The dog is now 85 pounds...this is significant. Then he popped right up and started prancing about the yard with his tongue hanging sideways out of the stupid grin plastered on his mouth.

By the time I had turned around and was beginning to sputter out "HE JUST JUMPED OUT THE #@%* WINDOW!", Greg was half-way dressed and on his way to chase him down.

Shortly thereafter pups was successfully recovered and no injuries were discovered, so all ended well. Though that screen remains scarred and the window forever closed.

Speaking of pups.

Memorial Day stroll thru Phil Hardberger Park. We had torrential downpour for most of the day so the trail was just like this. In other words, dog heaven. He loved his life.

And that's it for now.

Have a great day :-)