Monday, July 27, 2015

Yoo 676 - Estes Park Family Reunion, Pt 1

I bought a last-minute ticket and joined my dad's side of the family in Estes Park for the week. The flight was on Southwest so I had the second-worse boarding position ever. One time I flew out of San Francisco from a work conference and had been so busy I forgot to check in until 45 minutes before my flight. There was literally only the back middle seat left between two large men. This time I had a handful of middle seats to choose from...and I picked the one between two small women.

My family picked me up at the Denver airport on their drive from Nebraska. Shortly after that, we stopped for lunch at Qdoba where this happened to my brother while building a burrito:

Brother: "What's the mildest sauce you have?"

Qdoba worker: "Uh, tomato?"

Brother: "What's the second-mildest sauce you have?"

Ok, so you had to be there but he doesn't like tomatoes and he's just a funny kid. Then we spent a gift card at Starbucks and ate a bunch of pastries. Also, I fell asleep in the car with my head bobbing up and down and my neck hurt the rest of the day.

This is similar to the look he gave me when I asked him to help me figure out how to work the shower in the condo we were staying at. It took him a while too, so I didn't feel as stupid.

The drive thru Rocky Mountain National Park was beautiful. We had a family caravan and kept stopping to play. And throw snowballs. I shared the backseat of my parent's rented Jeep with a 2-liter of Cherry Dr Pepper where I lost self-control and drank my bladder full in just a few minutes. Then it was a reeeeally painful drive to the top and a restroom.

Only part of the family opted into the cheap miniature golf...and the rest sorely missed out! I loved the course. It was delightfully old. "Throwback", if you will. Plus my mom played and her luck (or lack thereof) is hilarious.

I chose the money ball but it didn't help me much. Came smack dab in the middle.

Have a great day :-)

Monday, July 20, 2015

Yoo 675 - There Is A Snake Picture In This One

In case you didn't read the title, there is a snake picture in this one. It's below. Brace yourself before the scroll.

So, it began as a normal evening stroll. The light was golden and the air was hot and muggy. Roscoe was a tank, refusing to let himself breath on the leash.

Then we saw a girl standing frozen ahead on the trail.

"There's a snake up here! A real snake! It's got a rattle and everything! What do we do?"

What we do is take pictures of it, obviously.




Here it is:

It was a pretty good size. And quite content to take up the whole of the trail. I stood waaaay back and tossed pebbles at it to encourage it to slither off, but it didn't even flinch. Then a man walked up and tossed his Bill Miller cup at it. Still nothing.

Several minutes passed and, despite constant urging via pebbles, the snake was still planted in the middle of the trail.

It did slither off eventually and I was content to watch and wait. But the man felt the snake needed constant encouragement and tossed more pebbles. Well, one hit the snake and RECOIL. The snake was so angry. It was creepy.

And then I was like, we can just turn around...

But we continued on, and all was well. I was on heightened snake watch though. That's the biggest one I've seen out there in a while.

Have a great day :-)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Yoo 674 - Austin For A Day

In another attempt to create summer adventure while Dylan is here, we headed for Austin and Zilker Park. With a lengthy stop at the San Marcos outlets. I'd live the day again.

We finally had the fortitude to stand in line and wait for Hopdoddy burgers. Ok, Greg did. Dylan and I went in search of donuts.

The burger line took an hour and was worth it. Awesome awesome. Would do it again.

The donuts?

Not so much. We were complaining about how sweet they were! Is that nuts? Ok, Roscoe loved the bacon on the maple one. In fact, we all did. But other than that, no.

Mom, don't read this part...

We'd originally gone there in search of their hamburger served on a glazed donut bun. Unfortunately they didn't have them at that location. So we'll have to find the real donut store with donut hamburgers. Because donut hamburgers.

Ok, you can read again mom.

 Hastings, NE! Represent.

Picnicking at Zilker. Another dog buddy joined us! I don't know who he belonged to but he listened when I told him to sit so he got a treat and made friends with Roscoe for a while. Then we stretched out for a relaxing nap for a whole five minutes before Dylan got bored and wanted to go swimming.

I side more with Dylan. Greg can stretch out and enjoy a picnic blanket all day. But he was outvoted three to one. Really, Roscoe's vote is the only one with power.

Now, this is the best picture of my dog ever.

Just kidding, it's this one.

I guess this one's ok...

Another one? Well, if you insist.

Poor-man's Barton Springs on a busy day. Dogs can swim unleashed! I love this place.

And a Beagle puppy. It tried to hop from one rock to the next and we all about exploded with warm fuzzies. I can't handle things like that! Dog about got stolen by me.

Greg took the flower picture and he was super proud of himself.

The state capitol was our last stop. Dylan and I explored inside for a bit while Greg stayed with Roscoe, who insisted he'd rather sit outside and bark at squirrels.

One of our previous governors looks like Lord Grantham from Downton Abbey.

Dylan took the stairs all the way to the top. I stayed at the bottom and took pictures.

And that's that.

Have a great day :-)

Monday, July 13, 2015

Yoo 673 - Fourth of July

My favorite memories from the Fourth of July.

Dylan and I started the day early with the company weight room all to ourselves. An empty gym is one of my favorite things. We were sporting our new lifting shoes that we'd bought on sale the prior day. They didn't add a thousand pounds to my squat, as advertised, but I like them.

After lifting we did a partner circuit with running, pushups, squats, and dips and the next morning felt like a bus had hit us. Happy memories.

Getting to the lake was fun. Here's the line of cars also going to the lake. It took us about half an hour to go one mile. We read the Declaration of Independence to pass the time. Dylan and Roscoe slept.

The hot dogs were supposed to be awesome but then Greg accidentally grabbed the turkey dogs instead of the beef dogs and they were not as tasty. Though the pretzel buns salvaged them A LOT. Also favorite, Trader Joe's Cheddar and Horseradish kettle chips and key lime pie. But not at the same time.

Roscue super loved the water, as always. He won't even acknowledge you if you try to fetch him on land, but in the water it's all he cares about. He's so motivated and will swim in circles until he finds the stick. One time I had to strategically place another stick to replace one that had disappeared so he'd come back to shore before he drowned.

Water dog.

Plus he got to play with his cousin Kyle and they're awesome buddies. And they'll just sit in the tubes and chill with us as we swim.

Best things on the planet.

The evening picnic with Greg's family. I ate too many cake balls. And deviled eggs with bacon.

Roscoe and Kyle continued their shenanigans. Until Roscoe saw a cat and decided he would rather chase after that. Then they were car buddies on our way to get fireworks and I loved it. Roscoe needs a sibling!

Lighting off fireworks.

Loved it. Happy Fourth!

Have a great day :-)