Friday, August 8, 2014

Yoo 610 - Work Talk...Agile

I think these are the only two pictures I've taken on my camera in the past two months. Dork dog has a question in the last one. Can he go outside? And is it food time?

Just a minute pups, I need to talk about work. Specifically, my feelings on "Agile".

First, Agile ruins google searches for agile. Now, instead of pictures of athletes and cheetahs, I get pictures of sticky notes and process charts. There's one cheetah, but it's a hefty scroll down and only a picture of a cheetah on a book cover titled "The Business Value of Agile Software Methods".

Second, I would probably like this method more if team member roles were compared to those of the A-Team instead of a monarchy where project stakeholders and managers are the royals/aristocrats and everyone else is in the peasant working class.

I'm doing the same work no matter how you slice and dice the process, but it's just way cooler to pretend I'm working as part of the A-Team and not as a kitchen maid on Downton Abbey.

Third, the agile coach. On an athletic team? Yes. On a software development team? This seems like a bad idea. Add a resource to the project that has no deliverables and no stake in the project and allow them to offer critical feedback? Sure! It'll inspire and boost team morale!

Fourth, I still think this whole method was developed by Post-It to prevent their sticky note extinction. Create a demand. Is this a Harvard business case study? It should be.

Fifth, the daily stand ups are still not efficient. They're supposed to be because we're standing up and that theoretically serves as a reminder to give a quick status to get back to sitting. But they go on too long! My idea is for the project manager, sorry SCRUM MASTER, to bring a pizza to every standup. If a person honestly keeps their status report to 30 seconds, they get a slice.

That's such a great idea and I should be getting paid for this.

What other work thoughts do I have?

Oh yes, ALWAYS HANDLE YOUR NULLS IN DATASTAGE. I lost most of my Fourth of July weekend digging for one row out of eight million because of a null-handling issue. Only I didn't know it was a null-handling issue until hours and hours into the debugging process. They're sneaky like that. Also, it wasn't actually my code so, cherry on top. At least if I had developed it I could kick myself at the end of the long weekend. But nope! I had to harbor ill-feelings towards a person I didn't even know and that isn't bringing me any steps closer to heaven.

Isn't work talk fun?

I will say that I have a lot of fun with the people I work with and can't complain about my team at all. Best part of going to work. And all the "complaining" aside, my company is awesome and my job is only horrible on Wednesdays and the first week of the month. I don't know why Wednesdays but the first of the month is when my main marketing applications run and that's just like waiting for a bomb to go off.

To a million more years of this!

Have a great day :-)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Yoo 609 - To Do List

1) Fall asleep.

Things not completed on my to do list?

Falling asleep. 

Blog to sleep!

I tried to make pupusas today. With a vague recipe. 

"Add water to masa. Should form dough."

How much water?? A sticky dough?? Is it ok if it cracks and falls in little pieces instead of being a round shape??

It was not a confidence booster but I ate what came out of that frying pan and I'm still alive. Though admittedly never planning on making pupusas again. 

I did feel a little sick but I think that was from ingesting pounds of a vinegar-saturated coleslaw while waiting for the pupusas to cook.

If I could hire out one job for the rest of my life it would be cooking. It'd be so fantastic! I'll clean (or not clean) my house all day but food prep? I lack a certain creativity and patience to be a good home-cooking home-maker. 

I should just stop being dumb and buy ingredients for awesome sandwiches all week. And a panini press. 

Why do I make life hard with pupusas? Now there's a huge mess in my kitchen and it's 1:41 and I'm still awake though I've been in bed for 3 hours. 

Is Jimmy Johns still open?

Cooking ruins lives. 

Dogs make life awesome. Even when they won't wake up and keep you company...

Have a great day :-)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Yoo 608 - Two Years

Sunday was the 45th anniversary of the moon landing and the 2nd anniversary of my marriage. In a phone conversation, my mom jokingly teased "Where's your mushy anniversary post??". Um, right here.


Just kidding.

Five things I'll publicly profess that I love about Greg:
  1. He can break me out of my worst moods. Even when I'm so mad and bitter that all I want to do is be mad and bitter, he can make me laugh at myself. I'll hold out as long as I can, even thinking about dead puppies, but the smile always cracks. I usually spend a few minutes mad at him for making me smile but he perseveres thru that too. What I have in drive, he has in patience.
  2. On a similar note, he's easy-going. Unless I'm navigating or making him late to something he cares about. But other than that his temper has a mile-long fuse.
  3. He makes up songs about our dog. No one can appreciate this except me.
  4. He's tall and it usually gets us exit row seats. 
  5. He works hard. Sometimes it takes a push or two, but that's my specialty.
And to balance this out, five things Greg can work on for our next anniversary:
  1. Liking eggs. And breakfast foods in general. They're so easy and fast to cook and not liking them drastically reduces my dinner selections.
  2. Winning a year's supply of pizza giveaway. This would be fantastic.
  3. Adapt to sleeping in an 80-degree house. Or figuring out how to slash our energy bill while keeping the thermostat at 70. That would be better.
  4. Re-caulking the bathtub...
  5. Getting me a ride in a fighter jet.
That's about it. Two years is hardly anything but it is something. Like finally seeing the START banner in a marathon after being in the back of corral 50. Forward ho!

Have a great day :-)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Yoo 607 - Capitol Reef

We didn't reach Capitol Reef National Park until early evening and by that time all of the campsites were full. I was bummed and Dylan was bummed and Morgan was bummed but dad wasn't.

"I've spent enough nights camping in cold, miserable conditions in my lifetime and I'm past the point of doing that if I don't have to."

There was a storm, threatening snow, blowing in and so we rented a small cabin. It was cute and I don't think any of us were all that bummed once curled up listening to the wind howl outside. Especially after indulging at a local burger joint for dinner.

The next morning was chilly and wet but mild enough for more hiking.

^^ spot the petroglyphs ^^

^^ my former initials! ^^

^^ graffiti that is now considered "historic"'s all perspective ^^

Dad decided that he needed to get back home a bit earlier than planned and so he left us mid-afternoon to begin packing. We set out on one last hike thru a deep canyon and then brought him a goodbye burger.

Waving goodbye to him was the hardest part of the trip. We were all in tears. I sure love my dad! Camping with him and my sisters in Southern Utah was a dream come true for all of us. I hope it's not the last trip of its kind.

Dad's adventure was coming to a close, but ours still had some life left in it.

Have a great day :-)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Yoo 606 - Arches 2

We woke up super dark and early after our night in Arches. The plan was to hike to a sunrise at Delicate Arch and it was executed brilliantly. We were the first car at the trail head and had made most of the climb before we even saw any other headlights approaching. The morning was crisp and cool but we warmed up pretty fast. I personally love hiking in the dark because I feel like it's easier to focus. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

There's no getting discouraged when you look up and see how far you still have to climb.

We laughed and joked and huffed along, arriving just as light was beginning to seep thru the horizon. Delicate Arch was entirely ours and did not disappoint.

We stayed until the arch was golden and our exclusive access was revoked by arriving hikers. It was so cool to have that landmark to ourselves for a while. Such a stunning place to spend any amount of time! Then we trekked back to the car, fully aware of our surroundings this time...

Typical situation hiking with dad. He's as close to the wall as possible while we like to see over the edge.

^^ pat on the back ^^

There were a bunch of shorter hikes to see other arches on our way back to breakfast.

 ^^ morgan was hiking in shorts. meanwhile, i was sporting my mid-weight thermals, sweat pants, a down vest, a fleece jacket, and mittens...not ready to take any of it off. texas has left me without even a hint of cold tolerance. ^^

^^ i'm surprised runner's world hasn't noticed me yet ^^

^^ fake egg burritos and protein shakes and oatmeal ^^

Not long after the sun had taken claim on the sky, we were done packing up camp and starting our second hike of the day: Devil's Garden.

Spoiler alert, there were more arches.


The sandstone fin. It was more exposed than it looks in the picture but still not as exposed as it felt actually being up there. Then the wind was hitting like a hurricane when in all actuality it might have been 2 mph "gusts". Nevertheless plenty of colorful comments escaped my mouth while crossing.

^^ i wore the wool mid-calf socks all morning because i so selflessly gave my low-cut socks to morgan, who had none. not that the low-cut socks would have saved my outfit...but i was a really nice sister that day. ^^

 ^^ more sandstone fins ^^

This group of older hikers let us pass them right when we were getting really tired. It was bad timing because suddenly we felt like we had something to prove. Don't let the old hikers pass us! No rest for the weary.

^^ more fin crossing ^^

 ^^ not there yet. we'd hiked at least 12 miles and it wasn't even lunch time! ^^

Devil's Garden was gorgeous and fun but we were so ready to find the car the last couple miles. Every few minutes we'd run into another group of hikers starting out in reverse and it hurt to think about how far they had to go. Once we finally made it to the car, it was a smorgasbord of bagels loaded with peanut butter and creamed honey, string cheese, protein bars, and anything and everything. So hungry!

After a sufficient period of gluttony and sprawled-around-the-car rest, we set off on a road trip to Capitol Reef. On our way out we realized that we'd missed one arch in the whole park so now I officially have to go back at some point. Not a problem though, I now love Arches.

Have a great day :-)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Yoo 605 - Arches 1

Dylan snagged us a campsite at Arches super last minute so a thousand props to her. It was such a pretty campsite, with gorgeous views and the best pile of rocks to stargaze on. The weather was perfect while we were at Arches (for about the last time on our trip...) so there will be a lot of gushing in the next couple of posts. BUT, I promise that reality set in again when we got to Escalante.

There was a lot of joking and hiking and looking at piles of rocks. Also, "Hey dad, tell us about this soil!"

^^ morgan hijacking an established cairn as her birthday cairn ^^

^^ view from one side of our campsite ^^

After clamoring around with every tourist and their dog all day, we were ready for some off-the-beaten-track time. Tower Arch involved a 7-mile drive on unpaved roads and fit the bill. I brushed my teeth right before we started hiking and then everything was perfect. Perfect temperature, perfect deep-blue sky, perfect buddies. I will have fond memories of this hike forever.

^^ we dubbed this our dad's birthday might be a couple rocks short though :-) ^^

^^ dad struck a pose ^^

^^ as we trekked towards tower arch, we didn't know exactly what we were looking for. besides an arch. so we kept wondering if we would know the arch when we saw it. at one point, we thought this was the arch. ^^

^^ but this is tower arch. we all agreed it was our favorite. mostly because it was more remote and we had it to ourselves. ^^

^^ "teagan, can you hear me?" ^^

^^ the beginnings of taco soup ^^

The stars of southern Utah. Our night at Arches was crisp and clear. I feel like the night sky is overwhelming. Like when you sit in the front row at an IMAX. Where do you focus? Even after gazing for half an hour I felt like I'd seen so little. What a luxury to have so many visible stars! I'm lucky if I can see three on any given night in San Antonio. I miss the night sky.

Have a great day :-)
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