Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Yoo 672 - Ninja Dog Biscuits and More

I saved up bacon grease for the first time in my life to make pups these biscuits. After I'd mixed everything together and rolled the dough out I realized that I only own ninja-shaped cookie cutters. So Roscoe basically has the coolest dog treats in existence.

Though he could care less about their shape.

He just wants to eat them all now.

I used this recipe.

More dog pictures while I'm at it. I love when I'm working from home and he pushes his way under my desk and flops down on my feet. And then I feel like I have to stay at my desk forever because I don't want to get up and disturb him. It probably helps my productivity.

And Greg and pups. I'm glad he's just as crazy about our dog as I am.

I'm working on a T-shirt quilt and of course I had to make the project infinitely more difficult than it needs to be. I measured all the pieces I want to use and spent hours fitting all the blocks together in PowerPoint to form this final pattern. It's going to be really hard. Especially if one of my triple-checked measurements is off.

So far I've done a "rough cut" of all the pieces and am in the process of fusing interfacing on the back for the final cuts. I've got a ways to go yet. My mom let me borrow her sewing machine for the summer so I have a deadline: first week in August.

Double-yoked egg! This is lucky right? Speaking of eggs...they're expensive. Poor chickens.

I did a double-take when I saw Brie for this price. We bought two rounds and THEN realized they expired in two days. So we ate a lot of Brie that weekend until Dylan swore it made her sick and now no one's touched it.

It's still raining more than usual. We squished along the muddy trails at Phil Hardberger Park this past Saturday. Roscoe was especially happy about it. Then we cleaned him up and took him to Lowe's where everybody loved him and I realized the planned ceiling project is going to be too expensive to qualify for my "cheap home improvement" goal.

Back to the pinterest idea board.

A lovely person pulling a big trailer with no mud-flaps flew past me on 1604 a couple weeks ago and kicked up a rock that hit my windshield just right. I had so many things to say that prove I am not yet perfected.

But he marred my perfect windshield!

I researched my options and decided to give the $14 kit at Auto Zone a try. If it doesn't work at least I'll know to go with the professionals next time. If it does then I saved a lot of money. Either way I learned something.

It took me a couple hours and was kind of fun. The results weren't perfect but the chip isn't in a visible spot to begin with and I just don't want it to spread. So far, so good. Knock on wood!

And a final picture of Roscoe to close this all out.

Have a great day :-)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Yoo 671 - Enchanted Rock

Dylan's here for an internship this summer and I feel especially motivated to make the most of our days and weekends right now. The time is going to pass too quickly and I don't want to get to August and regret not making more memories.

Enchanted Rock was what we did with this past weekend. I've been many times but it's been years.

Greg and I went on our first camping trip there for New Year's Eve 2010/2011. Morgan was with us and I remember making Dutch-oven enchiladas for dinner and scooting our butts through a cave around midnight.

A couple summers before that, Katie and I tried to backpack there. Only, we saw a scorpion on our planned camping spot and freaked out a little and ended up wandering around till the wee hours of the morning before finally deciding (delusionally) that the top of the rock would be the safest place to sleep. We just threw our sleeping bags down and tried for shut-eye. Except the wind was terribly strong. I remember at one point I lifted my head to check on something and my tiny camp pillow blew out from under me. I can still picture everything as we both scrambled across that rock chasing after my pillow.

This trip was decidedly less eventful but still fun to visit with Smil. We probably wouldn't have gone back there otherwise, so thanks Dylan!

Favorite moments:

Daylight Donuts for breakfast.

Dylan with my camera. "I'm trying but all I can see is black!" "Then take the lens cap off."

Roscoe's separation anxiety. It's so cute but so heartbreaking at the same time. He panicked a little when Greg was up on a rock that he couldn't get to. Even tried to jump and scramble with his paws to reach him. Poor puppy.

A tadpole I saw. It was very between tadpole and frog and looked so strange. I touched it.

Fetching pups in the lake. He is such a water dog. And the fact that there was a lake! That's the first time I've seen water in there.

Sampling all the foods at Rustlin' Robs in Fredericksburg.

And this picture attempt with pups. He threw up with perfect timing. Nothing serious...dork had just drank his water too fast. But I love that we captured it.

Have a great day :-)

Monday, June 15, 2015

Yoo 670 - More Christmas 2014, Before I Forget

We met dark and early under the tree on Christmas morning. I remember as a kid always sending the youngest sibling in to wake up mom and dad with the reasoning that they couldn't get mad at the youngest because they were still cute.

Peaceful living room. Shimmering lights. Anticipation.

I love Christmas morning.

Santa still leaves surprises on our respective couch cushions each year. Some of the nicknames have changed ("Jimmer") but some still stay the same ("Norkie" and "Smilly"). Greg and I forgot to bring our stockings this year but lucked out anyways.

Roscoe doesn't have a stocking which I will probably remedy next year because I'm crazy. He got Greenies for his breathe and was a lot more excited about attacking his treat than actually opening the present. Maybe I need to soak the wrapping paper in beef broth....

Santa has a sense of humor. Comparison of Skittle spoils.

Will be good dog for beef jerky.

I made a family photo calendar for, I think, the fourth year in a row. It's always fun to look at. Not quite as fun to get everyone to send me photos and put together..

If he had blue eyes he would look just like Mr. Bubble. Creepy. And I still shake my head over the fact that he likes baths. I think they're such a waste of time and water. But one of these days, we're going to own a bath tub that's actually his size. Though I will miss laughing at him trying to fit into ours.


Two things. One - Adam's choice of packing materials for this present. Two - he made me a wooden bowl.

It's really cool and I'll keep it forever.

I was most excited about our gift to Adam. It was a fancy waffle maker. His reaction was exactly what we were looking for.

I expect him to make me waffles every time I see him now.

We went on a trip to Omaha. Christmas dinner was eaten at a King Kong next to the freeway. But look at that pretty scenery from the parking lot!

And this sunset over the gas station!

Still one of my favorite dad quotes from years ago:

"Do you know why one side of the V is always longer than the other?"


"Because there are more geese on that side."

Morgan was actually dancing in the car and we tried to get Adam to join in. This is the best we got. My favorite part of the drive was all the "skunks". But this requires a back story.

Earlier that day, while letting our dog roam free on a walk in the country, we realized pups was eating something. Upon closer inspection, that something turned out to be a skunk carcass. Well, we didn't want him to be eating a skunk carcass so Greg took the job of carefully wrestling with his jaw while I prepared to pull on the carcass at the earliest sign of release.

Roscoe continued with tenacity, jaw clamped. We were ruining his Christmas!

But eventually he eased up, only I had myself a "girl" moment when I saw how slimy and gross the carcass was and couldn't bring myself to touch it, let alone grab and pull it out of his mouth. Then Roscoe bit down again only Greg's finger was in the way.

It is a really good thing that my husband is light years better than me at controlling temper. He's a champ.

So, while that situation was diffusing, Roscoe finished off the skunk.

Aren't dogs just the best things on the planet?

Now fast-forward to the car drive where we kept smelling skunk. We were thinking, "Wow, there are sure a lot of dead skunks along this freeway!"

Until it still smelled like skunk that evening in the hotel room, too...

Yes, Roscoe was farting skunk. This continued for three days and we nicknamed him "skog", short for "skunk dog".

Nobody wanted to ride with us after that...poor stupid puppy.


The SAC Museum is always a worthy stop.

I dared him to fit into this airplane. He did.

The flight simulator was fun, but my favorite part was standing on terra firma listening to those in the flight simulator. Greg and I both took a turn followed by Morgan and Adam. So funny.

Late last year I read the book "Demons, Phantoms, and Me: A Love Affair With Flying" by G. Warren Hall. I loved it! Such candid, fun stories about this pilot's life and experiences in the Navy. Therefore I had to get a picture with the F4 Phantom.

Dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ. It soon became Morgan's graduation celebration after she mentioned that we hadn't done anything to celebrate her finishing college.

Happy graduation Nurse Morgan!

Greg made pizza on our new cast-iron pizza pan. I had a goal to make pizza on it once a week this year that I kept up with thru January.

But it should last many lifetimes so no rush to make all the pizza now.

Family game time. Still always ends in tears. The memories keep getting created.

Rook was and usually is the game of choice.

Morgan is the official provider of "haunches massage". She's the reason Roscoe greets most people by pushing his butt against them.

Snowy sunrise over the Clay Center library.

Saying goodbye to mom at the post-office!

Last view of the house. It's so nice to go home for Christmas. So hard to leave.

Merry Christmas 2014!

Have a great day :-)