Saturday, May 23, 2015

Yoo 666 - Valentine's Day Smoking...Ribs

Once upon a January 12th, 2014, I received an email informing me that I had reached my 5-year employment anniversary with a link to an assortment of appreciation gifts I could choose from.

It was a pretty good assortment.

And I chose the smoker. Think of all the great BBQs we could have!

Fast forward a year and it remained untouched in our shed.

So, as I was writing out my "2015 Bucket List", I put "Actually use our smoker at least once" down as a goal.

Now fast-forward a month to February.

We were trying to think of something we could do to make Valentine's Day not as lame as we usually make Valentine's Day and then Greg got the idea to smoke ribs after looking at my bucket list.

And that's what we did. He did. Well, Roscoe helped a little. Moral support, you know.

Greg did a really great job for his first time out the gate. He watched youtube videos and read articles and figured out exactly what he wanted to try. The ribs were seasoned a bit too much and we both decided we prefer wet ribs, but neither of us were complaining as we ate on them for lunch throughout the next week.

This is Roscoe's "I probably don't get any of that" face.

And this is his "Just kidding, I'm definitely going to get me some of that" face.

Here's to documenting Valentine's Day in May!

Have a great day :-)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Yoo 665 - Two Year Pupiversary

Two years ago today I walked into work ready for another dragging Tuesday. Shortly after I arrived, a good friend and coworker told me about a dog they'd found abandoned over the weekend and asked me if I wanted it. The answer was YES!!!!! I'd wanted a dog all thru college and the first four years of my career. But I didn't think I had the time or space for a dog.

That day is recorded here.

Long story short, it was the best spontaneous decision I've ever made. We've figured out how to make the time and space for our buddy over the past two years and he's given us his whole furry heart and the funnest adventures.

He has his quirks, for sure. Like his insanely powerful drive to chase everything that moves that ISN'T dog or human.

But I wouldn't change him. Except for making him a lot more cuddly.

Today, we're 100% dog-crazy and personify him like there's no tomorrow and let him lick the bacon pan clean and put him in the shopping cart when we go to Lowe's and wear matching bracelets/collars. And I make no apologies. He isn't going to live forever and that fuels me to make the most of the time we have as his people and give him the best life we can.

Our love for this dog went from zero to a billion over the course of an evening back in 2013. And that's never going to change, whether he's with us or not.

I'm so thankful he's with us.

Dogs forever!

Have a great day :-)

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Yoo 664 - Adventures With A Washing Machine

My washer stopped spinning during the spin cycle. I discovered this when I went to retrieve my last load of laundry for the week and realized it was still soaking wet. Unfortunately it was towels and bathroom rugs so it was quite the pain to squeeze them out enough before transferring to the dryer.

That's when I went to bed because it was Friday night and I couldn't even begin to deal with it.

Saturday morning found me eating a cookie two cookies for breakfast and watching a really hilarious youtube video of a man fixing the same issue with his washer. And I quote, "punching it does not solve the problem."

I was inspired.

Then I let it sit broken for another few days.

Now enter Monday and a dire need for clean gym clothes. An executive decision was made to use our FHE activity to research the issue.

First, we started by unplugging the washer, turning off the water, unscrewing the hoses, and pulling the washer away from the wall. Then we began removing all the screws on the back. Until we got to two super stubborn screws. Then we looked for the owners manual around the house but it didn't exist. Then we googled for the owners manual and approximately five minutes later I'd found a repair video for our exact washer that kindly told us we could remove the front panel to fix the problem.

So we returned the back of the washer to normal and turned our attention to the front. There were only two screws to remove but naturally one of them was stuuuuuuuuck. That's when I began googling for ways to loosen tight screws. A lot of tapping and WD-40 and Greg-grunting later, our screw was out and we were in business.

That's when we discovered the shredded belt. Which I promptly ordered on amazon for $10 before resigning myself to the kitchen and hand-washing gym clothes.

It was while I was scrubbing my clothes in the kitchen sink that I smelled an intense burning coming from the air conditioner. I thought the house was on fire. Upon further investigation, nothing was aflame but the thermostat was promptly set to off.

And the air conditioner didn't respond.

Eventually I just flipped the master kill switch and haven't turned it back on since.

One problem at a time!

The handle on my back gate is also falling off right now, but at least I got the belt for the washer and, after doing two loads of laundry, that seems to be fixed.

I'm quite pleased we didn't have to replace the washer or call an expensive serviceman, though I'm thinking our luck is going to run out with this air conditioning problem.

We'll see what youtube tells me.

In the meantime, my favoritest dog on the planet.

Have a great day :-)

Monday, April 27, 2015

Yoo 663 - Backpacking at Lost Maples

Our quick trip to Lost Maples two weekends ago turned out to be idyllic. At least as idyllic as Texas can get. We tried to hike at Hill Country State Natural Area, but when we got there I barely saw a sign thru dark plexiglass noting that all trails had been closed due to "inclement weather".

It had rained. A couple days prior.

The weather on Saturday was sunny and warm with white puffy clouds. I threw a fit down the long dirt road out of the state natural area until we had cell reception again and I could call another nearby park to see if they'd closed all their trails.

Luckily Lost Maples did not let us down and still had primitive camping sites available. So away we drove.

We've been there several times but only in the fall and winter. Spring was a surprise because the creeks actually had water! This is a big thing. I stopped trying to avoid getting my feet wet after the first crossing and just plowed thru the rest with pups.

Dog knows how it's done.

Also, I know we look ridiculous. But we didn't have to apply sunscreen and we didn't sunburn! Plus, I just started testing a "hiking is better in a skirt" hunch I had and I loved it. Breezier and more functional. I think especially for cooler weather because I can just put my wool pants on under for cold mornings and quickly remove them when the temps rise.

Not to mention restroom stops...

Onward. My camera battery was not fully charged and pooped out early evening. So none of the night got documented or the glorious hike out the following morning. 

Suffice it to say, Roscoe was tired and collapsed onto the majority of my sleeping bag leaving me to awkwardly straddle him thru the night. Greg went right to sleep while I stayed up watching the lightning. Yes, there was a lightning storm miles and miles away but it was sure illuminating the sky. We were camped right at the tippiest top of a hill and I had numerous thoughts about backtracking down into the valley if it came closer.

Luckily the night didn't get much more exciting.

The morning brought peanut butter tortillas and pop tarts and a scenic hike thru Mystic Canyon and out of the park.

I love hiking with Greg and Roscoe. Have I mentioned this? Now, I'm really good at imagining better weekends, but not ones that are as feasible as a quick backpacking trip with my best buds.

Have a great day :-)

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Yoo 662 - Greg Might Even Be Allergic To These Pictures

But seriously. That poor man has ALLERGIES. All caps. He's been hacking up a lung and near-dead all week. Of course the same thing happens every time the pollen stirs and he lets it go all the way to sinus infection. Because do we learn? I "strongly suggested" he go to the doctor on Tuesday for meds and what do you know...he did. And he's on the mend.

In honor of his allergies, I felt inspired to take pictures of the thriving plant life along the jogging trail. Pups and I frequent this trail together and it usually isn't this pretty. Though I'd take it with a few less poisonous serpents, thanks. We've seen two rattlesnakes already this year.

My previous manager at work has never, EVER, been camping, and one of the reasons he gives for that is that he doesn't want to encounter any snakes. And I'm like, I get that, I really do, but I'm positive I have seen more snakes in town than I've ever seen while camping.


Too much snake talk.

I ordered a foam sleeping pad and some Darn Tough socks from earlier this week and the package came today. With free samples! It's really exciting to open that box and not only get your gear but see some extras floating around. More companies should take note of this.

That's all the important talk for now.

Have a great day :-)