Saturday, September 8, 2012

Yoo 410 - Nebraska State Fair

Get that scrolling finger ready, cause here we go!

Confession: Until last Saturday I had never been to the Nebraska State Fair. But it seemed like an exciting way to spend the day with half my family so we gave it a go.

Parking in a dirt lot with hundreds of other cars, we hitched a ride on the back of a tractor trailer and (cue choir of angels) FAIR.

First thing's first at the fair: animals.

No, I did not get to ride the camel. Lame.

Ca-reepy animals...

Three horns on a sheep?

That is a tiger. And the youngest tiger trainer in the United States. You pretty much just have to look at this picture to suddenly feel inferior about your career choice.

And this one. *sigh* Love sea lions...

This studly man is giving the largest steer in Nebraska a kind of bed bath. For the record, I'm not envious of his job...

The Husker game was on. So the Kyoo dad walked around like this. But so did EVERYONE else. Nebraska football games are not taken lightly here.

The Kyoo mom and I took that opportunity to peruse the Expo Center and, um, buy things. For reasons. I can't recite those reasons now, but they seemed like good reasons when the salespeople were standing in front of us. Especially the ones that handed us food samples.

And quilts.

Because they were amazing. And also because, purple ribbon. A certain coworker of mine insisted that there were no purple ribbons at the fair after I told him I'd won one once. There are indeed purple ribbons, and they mean more than just "thank you for participating".

Finally, bugs.

Oh bugs. These critter collections brought back horrific memories of my sophomore year in high school. Getting passed that infamous bug collection for science class was a rite of passage. Everyone had to do it. That, or write an insanely long, boring paper, I think. Anywho, the night before mine was due, I was burning the mid-night oil big time. Gluing legs and wings back on specimens, finely printing the genus and species and acquisition locations and other specifics on tiny sheets of paper, madly skimming insect books trying to match unknowns with a proper identity.

Things got a little blurry around 2am.

"I swear those stripes are orange but this dang book says the orange ones are only found in Africa..."

At one point, even stepping outside to find just. one. more. bug. to get enough for that A.

Naturally, there weren't any bugs. I think I ended up constructing one out of a few leftover bug parts. It was awful.

I got 10 minutes of sleep that night. And then I fell asleep during my volleyball game the next day.

Ah...high school.

But back to the fair.

The fair was fun.

Have a great day :-)

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Jalula said...

Purple is the best ribbon to get-Best in Show!