About Kyoo

Hey hey, Kyoo here.

A bunch of 5 things.

First, I'm one of those "IT" people. But not the kind that can fix your computer. (useless right?). If data warehousing strikes your fancy strings, I can talk to that (mostly...).

Second, I love running.  I really like swimming.  And I tolerate biking.  I've been into endurance running and triathlon events for a while and write about my experiences training for and completing those. Nothing too competitive, just recreational.

Third, I own a condo in San Antonio, TX and revel in the experiences of being a [semi]homeowner with all its joys and challenges. I occasionally post pictures of my projects when I'm feeling ambitious (and my home is clean).

Fourth, I'm pretty in love with this dude named Greg. He makes me laugh and puts up with my ridiculous antics (three years and counting). We got married on July 20th, 2012 and it's been an upward trend.

Fifth, I blog because why not? I started blogging in college as a way to keep my family updated. Now it's definitely a hobby that might be therapeutic. At least when I get caught dancing in the woods or the boyfriend buys me pink bunny pajamas or my iPhone gets snatched, I look forward to facing the glow of my computer screen whilst typing up every last dramatic detail, instead of thinking "my life is over!".

That's all.

Have a great day :-)