Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yoo 416 - Best For Last

I've been meaning to post this for weeks. The family wedding pictures. Cause what was my favoritest favorite part of my wedding?

These people.


I told my family bright colors. You can tell which half obliged...

In the Kyoo dad's defense, he did pull out his Rush Limbaugh tie. Which he is oh-so-proud of and has been deemed "too colorful" for conservative church use. Such a rebel, that one.

The Kyoo mom came prepared with 3 different dresses. She looked best in the forest green so we'll give her that.

The Kyoo brother wore a purple shirt and a really attractive gray suit. I can't complain.

Ah, yes, the throw-your-hands-in-the-air-and-pretend-you're-thrilled-that-they're-kissing shot.


The kids crack me up. And the Kyoo dad. He looks less then thrilled...and mildly suspicious of my Gregsmoocher.

Oh yeah, gettin' fancy now. You-all-are-still-thrilled-and-slightly-crazy-while-he-picks-her-up shot.

The kids still make the picture.

What would I have done without all the nieces and nephews saving my cheesy wedding poses??

Last of the Hall clan to get married, my knightly man was.

This is probably their we're-finally-almost-done-with-family-weddings shot!

That's something to celebrate.

Cute, right? Don't ask how many pimples were removed in post-processing. The answer will always be "What post-processing?"

The Kyoo brother is a little obsessed with the "Tebow pose" right now. I maybe felt it necessary to record that for posterity?


I texted the Gregstudent (night class) upon discovering that our neighbor's cat, who frequents our door mat, is named Simba. (you learn the darndest things when you sit on this back porch for any length of time). To which he replied:

"We should get one named Nala!"

Now you know why I married him.

This one is adorable. I know. You probably just died dead.

I like this one. The Kyoo dad might look like he's up to something...but really that's how he always looks.


Unrelated but weighing heavily on my mind, can I have a baby with these eyes? It's possible, right? They're in the family!

Finally, me and the Kyoo Grandpa! Doesn't get any cooler than that. Him and two of my aunts came all the way from arctic Idaho for the shindig. It was something special. This is also the man that single-handedly brought me to blubbering status in the sealing room.

Cause before that it was just a stream of tears. But then I saw him and all these weird sounds started escaping my mouth and composure became a lost art.

Super glad there's no photography in the temple...

And let me not forget to draw special attention to this girlie and the HUGE role she played.

(our chocolate-covered cinnamon bears supplier).

Though we might have threatened to leave her at the airport if she forgot the goods...

Also related and rightfully resembling a hint, I am accepting of chocolate-covered cinnamon bear care packages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Should that have been in question.

Wasn't that fun?? You've just survived the last of my wedding photo dumps! Maybe.

Have a great day :-)

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