Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Yoo 559 - Everything Was Pretty

^^ we camped there! ^^

^^ the birds wanted my burrito ^^

^^ i told him, i said "greg, this picture will look a lot more realistic if you stand closer to the edge" and you know what? he said "nope!" ^^

Greg left me this morning to get back to school. The only redeeming quality in that is I don't have to share the hotel pillows anymore.

It's a really lame trade-off.

So we did a road-trip thing the weekend before this conference shin-dig I'm currently at. I reserved a rental car and booked one night at a campsite. Other than that no plans for 3 days. Well, I was supposed to run a 30k up a mountain...a race I had been training for months to do...but then I pulled a Teagan and didn't actually register for the race until a couple weeks ago and that's when I found out it was FULL.

Garsh it still pains me to think about that.

But life went on like it always does!

The campsite was pristine. It could not have been better. Right over the ocean with a gorgeous view across the bay to San Francisco and also there was a full moon and maybe just one other camper. I had no idea what we were getting when I booked so it was a great surprise. Took some of the "I don't get to kill myself on a run today" sting away.

What else? We ate at a really delicious sandwich shop and decided to go back there for dinner but then they were only making burritos and they should definitely stick to sandwiches. Yech.

I picked a 9-mile hike for us to do Saturday morning because I needed to feel accomplished. It was beautiful. Greg and I both hate California because we don't live here. Northern California. Not including any cities.

Everything was pretty. The end.

Have a great day :-)

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