Saturday, November 30, 2013

Yoo 572 - I'm Thankful...Anesthetics

Day Thirty:

I'm thankful for anesthetics. This is a true story. There are things like shirts that button-up in the back that are dumb and make me question why we make life difficult for ourselves. And then there are the various forms of anesthetics.

I have had my feet cut open 3 times and my jaw "forcefully maneuvered" into a better place. While this is a short surgical resume and I'm not wanting it to get any longer, it's so super-dee-duper-dee nice to NOT FEEL any of it. Well, until recovery.

Anesthetics are awesome.

I have no pictures for anesthetics so instead, here's my wingspan.

And Roscoe.

And now I'm done. I've made it and with only about two-thirds of the days cheated and post-dated :-)

Have a great day :-)

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