Thursday, January 23, 2014

Yoo 582 - Outward Bound Dog Sledding, Day Six

^^ trying to look sexy? or maybe cinching down the sled...who knows. ^^

^^ this could have been cool if it was in focus... ^^

^^ the name signs from all their previous dogs. most are dead but some have been adopted out to awesome families. these dogs have the best names...i'm keeping this picture for ideas for my next puppy. ^^

^^ greg and willy-wa! (willywa? willywah? i don't know how it's spelled and that might not even be the correct dog...the details are fading so fast!) ^^

^^ an intense game of ping pong ^^

^^ oh, just my hair after 6 days of being crammed in a balaclava (not to be confused with baklava....) and hat. it was quite the rat's nest. ^^

^^ mouse boots! ^^

^^ relaxing by the wood stove! ^^

^^ view from my cot? i don't know? ^^

^^ yes please ^^

Day six is where I have to admit that we went back early. But not by choice! It was supposedly going to be too cold to travel the following day, though there was another group who made it. I think our leaders were just getting tired of keeping a bunch of South Texans alive in the snow! Anyways, I was bummed. Don't get me wrong, the first few days I had fantasized about going back early. But by day six I was all geared up to finish what we started! Oh well.

Breakfast-in-sleeping-bag this morning was steak. Seriously! We gnawed on steak bites and washed it down with hot, liquid jello as our energy-to-get-ready food.

This trip definitely had its perks.

We got camp broken down and the sleds packed up and nothing too crazy happened the whole day. I was in the skiing group and it was a gorgeous day to be skiing. Cold, but habitable. The sun seems to be "twilighty" there the whole day and casts deep shadows over the landscape. But pretty shadows. It's basically golden hour all day long. I could have probably skied forever and taken a million pictures but my hands got so darn cold so fast!

Our home base came too quickly and we took care of the dogs and said goodbye. *sniff*

Then some hang out time in the lodge and dinner. Wood stove! It was so nice to sit and be warm and not have to work for it.

Later that evening we went on a night ski. We all had our headlamps off and were just shuffling along under a million stars.

Holy perfection.

I fell about 40 times but I'd still do it every night of my life and not get bored. Plus, there were some fun hills on the way back...that would give me time to maybe master them...

Bed time came and I pinched my finger trying to put a cot together. Blasted cot. And then I situated that cot as close to the wood stove as Brewster would allow and it was the best night's sleep.

We still hadn't showered in like 7 days at this point and I didn't even care.

Have a great day :-)

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