Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Yoo 591 - Limber Tail

We tried to give pups the best day of his life a couple Saturdays ago, and ended up giving him a limp tail.

I first noticed it when I took him out the next morning. His tail looked fine for a couple inches then drooped down. Like he couldn't control it. I thought it was broken and started to panic.

My poor dog!

Further prodding and some googling revealed that it was more likely "limber tail syndrome" and would clear itself up in a few days.

Not as drastic or expensive but still uncomfortable.

So, note taken. Excessive exercise and swimming in cold water can wreak havoc on tails.

We had a fun day though. Trail run in the morning...with Greg even! He's been working out. And then a long walk on the extended Riverwalk Trail...with a swim. And finally, the dog park. Maybe a bit overkill, but that's what Saturdays are for.

Sundays are for limp tails and sore-leg staggers.

Anyways, I have this idea and I want one of these:

Granted, it might be cooler if it were a side car and my dog was wearing goggles and a scarf, but it's a good start.

I'm thinking a long-distance bike trek. I'll pull pups and Greg can pull a cart with all our camping gear. How fun would that be?

But first I think one of these would also be necessary:

Tire out dork dog first and then he can happily sit in the bike carrier with his goofy face and tongue hanging out.

Do you want an update on the mouse situation? There have been 2! It pains me that lethal actions were required and they didn't just move out on their own. But there's definitely at least a third one and he's smart. Licks the peanut butter off the trap every night without getting caught.

Is it weird that I noticed these mice shortly after purchasing the "Mouse Trap" game at Goodwill?

In final news, I'm depressed that the Olympics are over. Two and a half years till Rio! Doesn't 2016 seem unreal? I still haven't gotten used to 2014.

Have a great day :-)

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