Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Yoo 603 - Family In Town (COME BACK)

The family was in town last week! It also was THE fastest week of my life. Almost like I went to bed on Sunday night (with a clean house and food in the fridge) and then woke up the following Sunday (with a messy house and no food in the fridge). An hour at work lasts longer, come on.

This was one of those weeks that I'd been looking forward to for a long time. Anticipation-filled planning. Texting with my mom every time one of us heard a Journey song on the radio. Emailing an itinerary and packing list a couple weeks before. I never do that!

But this week was special. I loooooove visiting Nebraska. Never stops feeling like home. But it's just as fun when home comes to San Antonio. When home steps in the door and suddenly my counters are filled with a million water bottles and my guest bedroom has five suitcases in it and clothes are strewn all about and my bedroom is no longer my bedroom and walking thru the living room is like navigating a slot canyon with a giant inflatable mattress and documentaries and war films start filling my Netflix queue.

Home steps in and suddenly all the things that should bug me become favorite.

I kind of wonder how many days it would take for that to wear off. I suppose if it was indefinitely it would become a problem. Nerves would be exposed. Maybe at two weeks? I'd like to find out. One week just wasn't enough.

Monday was designated for playing at Zilker Park. Ok, first I made Dylan run all sorts of shopping errands in the morning with me, then we met the rest of the family en route from Nebraska in Austin. Canoes. Turtles. Chicken salad sandwiches. Dad loving his life digging stuff out of the van. A crazy dog. Beautiful afternoon.

Tuesday thru Thursday were camping at the beach days. MY MOM WENT CAMPING. This was historic. I don't even think she hated it. Roscoe sure did though, like he always does. Our big tent still has gaping holes from his last experience in the tent and he sat in the car per his preference for most of the trip. He has issues and I love him. But everything else was superb. Sub-par hot dogs and turkey burgers for dinner each night. Sand. SEAWEED. Dylan getting pinched by a crab. "Who's bone is this?" Dad more relaxed than he's probably ever been ever. Sunrises. Sunsets. Fire ants. Walks on the beach. Wind. "This really isn't that special." Attempts at Adam's senior pictures. Dolphins. Sunburns. A ferry ride. No sense of time or day.

^^ attitude check, adam how do you feel?? ^^

^^ roscoe commandeered the boogie board ^^

^^ he had spandex on underneath...but he lost his shorts every single time he boogie boarded ^^

Thursday night was the Journey concert with Tower of Power and Steve Miller Band. Everything leading up to Journey wasn't my favorite but Journey was a worthy show. In another life I'm going to be a fighter pilot then astronaut and in another nother life I'm going to play electric guitar like Neal Schon.

Oh yes, I took a wrong turn heading home from the AT&T Center. This isn't unusual but my dad had a full bladder and it took me a good long while to recover and right the wrong. THEN I made the same wrong turn the next day trying to drive to the Missions for our bike ride.

Oy vey.

In between these wrong turns, my dad and I got 6 bikes all tuned up and ready to ride and I forgot my camera to document our travels along the Mission Reach trail. Fun and super fun. Well, everything after Adam learning how to use clipless pedals. He fell over at the first stop light and then somehow his bike chain pulled off and knotted more than any chain has ever been knotted before. At least according to 4 different people. Luckily we were within a block of a bike shop because the fix required removing the crankset. Go Adam! But after that it was 27 pleasant miles with many scenic detours.

And popsicles at El Paraiso.

Saturday was river and temple day. I still haven't tired of floating with pups. He's such a fun river pal. Along with the rest of these goofs.

And having my family join us on a Saturday in the San Antonio temple was the icing of last week's cake. I've been trying to make that happen since Greg and I got married. It was the parent's anniversary even!

Finally, Sunday was for relaxing and repeated wails of "I'm not ready for you to leave yet!" from this section. Also, more senior picturing. This is my favorite so far (minus my very obvious shadow in his eyes...once you see it you can't see anything else):

So now my house is clean and empty and I'm a little depressed. My dog's a little depressed. Life goes on.

Have a great day :-)

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