Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Yoo 626 - Things That Happened, Part 1

The following are things that happened at some point this year. They are now being covered in brain dump order, not chronological.

Above are pictures I took on a short Easter hike in Idaho. I spent Easter in Idaho with family I rarely get to see! It was awesome. And delicious. Also, there was a young man with a German accent who introduced himself at church. He was a BYU student like my sister and was just in Idaho for the weekend visiting a friend's family. "Note" passing ensued:

We'd watched a lot of Hunger Games with the cousins that weekend so the "Chins up!" part was a combination of an inside joke and a reference to that movie. However, my coaxing was unsuccessful and she did not end up talking to the German. Though I'm certain they'd be married by now if she had.

I stayed home from work one morning (in May? or June??) and watched a good college friend graduate from MEDICAL SCHOOL. That was pretty special. I won't even claim to understand all the work and sacrifice she's put in but I remember this being her goal from our college days and some of the struggles and setbacks she's encountered as we've kept in touch over the years. Also, per her recommendation, I started regularly checking in to #whatshouldwecallmedschool and thought of her EVERY time. It's the little things.

Calvin was rescued from the closet to play a triumphant call when her name was read and then the camera was grabbed to snap a quick picture for the memory books. A friendship forged in the cramped quarters of the Snow's practice rooms...long live the horn crew! I'm so excited for her.

Oh yes. Roscoe jumped out of our second-story window. This was traumatic for about 5 minutes. We were getting ready for bed and had our room window open to cool off the upstairs. Our upstairs is a furnace! So it was open about half-way and the screen was in place and Roscoe was lounging with his face there like he always does. Well, enter me in my PJs and Greg in his PJs and it was time to shut the window. Only, as I went to shut the window, Roscoe was like "be right back!" and he nosed thru a torn portion at the bottom of the screen and flew away.

Haha, just kidding! He's a dog so there wasn't any flying. To his credit, it was a regal leap considering the circumstances. I responded and tried to grab around his abdomen on his way out but he was committed. I watched helplessly as he landed ON HIS FEET with only a minor stumble below. The dog is now 85 pounds...this is significant. Then he popped right up and started prancing about the yard with his tongue hanging sideways out of the stupid grin plastered on his mouth.

By the time I had turned around and was beginning to sputter out "HE JUST JUMPED OUT THE #@%* WINDOW!", Greg was half-way dressed and on his way to chase him down.

Shortly thereafter pups was successfully recovered and no injuries were discovered, so all ended well. Though that screen remains scarred and the window forever closed.

Speaking of pups.

Memorial Day stroll thru Phil Hardberger Park. We had torrential downpour for most of the day so the trail was just like this. In other words, dog heaven. He loved his life.

And that's it for now.

Have a great day :-)

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