Thursday, October 16, 2014

Yoo 629 - That Thing and This Weekend

I drove a 15-passenger van for probably my first time ever today. It was just from the airport to work but I felt like I was in control of a MONSTER TRUCK. Out of my way baby cars! And then I hit a curb in front of a security guard pulling into work.

This is all in preparation for the Capital to Coast relay from Austin to Corpus Christi tomorrow. I was a last-minute recruit for a team formed by a few of my coworkers. At least 5 other people joined the team and backed out/got injured before me. Or something. I know where I stand!

The plan is to run 3 6-8 mile legs on the 223-mile course. It'll be my first "official" run in over 2 years.

Here's to hoping I'm not the slowest and also, that I don't have to drive that thing up there ever again.

Have a great day :-)

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