Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Yoo 646 - My Thought's on New Year's Eve...Last Year

I've been thinking a lot about where we were exactly a year ago...and kind of missing it! Then I remembered I still had video sitting on a memory card that I'd never looked at.

This first one is a compilation of all the videos, not including my solo video journal. It has dogs! And our cold dance and TIMBER and the New Year's lantern. Such happy memories now! I didn't take the time to make it fancy and add music so just be patient with the first 15 seconds of still pictures...

This one is an excerpt from the video journal I kept during the afternoon/evening we were on "solo". Solo is what it sounds like, a night surviving alone outside. I reviewed the five plus minutes I'd recorded to bring you the parts that made Greg and I laugh the hardest. Most of the rest of it I'm talking about how cold I am and how it was impossible to tie knots for a shelter because my hands would freeze after five seconds outside of my mittens and also a hot hands packet that made me cry because it never got hot.

So here it is, some of my thoughts on New Year's Eve last year (try to ignore the piece of hair frozen off my was there thru all five minutes but clearly my face was too frozen to notice):

Obviously I haven't learned my lesson because I'm about to spend New Year's camped next to a lake again. But this time Greg will be with me and it's South Texas. Granted, there is a winter storm warning taking effect at 6pm tonight so it'll probably still be a lot like last year.

In my own words, "Tonight's gonna suck."

Happy New Year's Eve!

Have a great day :-)

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