Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Yoo 408 - Nebraska Walks

Take an evening walk along a country road. Most especially a Nebraskan one. But other Midwest states will do, I guess. Just go less than an hour before the sun sets.

And have low expectations.

Because then it will be glorious.

It's not a hike thru the Grand Canyon. Or the New Zealand Fiordlands. Or any other remarkably spectacular and beautiful place.

But at this time of year, it can be pretty stupendous.

The corn is starting to turn its golden-brown, seemingly reflecting the majestic colors from the setting sun across miles of wide-open countryside, as far as the eye can see.

Bean fields add their deep green pattern to the countryside quilt.

Hay bales sparkle in the last streams of daylight.

The sunset is rarely interrupted by a tree or homestead along the otherwise perfectly flat 180 degrees of horizon.

Gravel, crunching under your feet, is one of very few offenders robbing the peaceful silence. Maybe a gentle, rustling prairie wind? For the sake of this imagery we'll say a gentle, rustling prairie wind. I won't mention that more often than not it's actually a gale-force blast shooing you back inside.

I hate wind.

But on fair weather days it's my ideal way to spend an evening with the family. Walking along those country roads, throwing rocks at piles of dirt, conversing about this and that and him and her, and stopping to feed the neighbor's horses and mules.

Even better when repeated nightly and finished with mouthfuls of fresh garden watermelon and a boisterously competitive game of Pit.

I wish every evening could be that simple and delightful.

Have a great day :-)

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