Friday, September 7, 2012

Yoo 409 - Subaru Love and a Date

Pardon the horrible embedding on my part, but I had to share. This is my new favorite commercial. I rarely have favorite commercials but I saw this gem today while putting some serious time on the treadmill and it just stole my heart.

I love Subaru. I love the finish when he's sitting there with a box of pizza. I love the whole commercial.

My Greggly man has supported me thru more than one crazy effort and he'll be there for many more. We're hoping to add a Subaru to the family as soon as we can afford one so I guess you could say this is a bit of our dream commercial.

Go Subaru.

In even cheesier news, a spontaneous date night once upon a yesterday. Whilst drumming my fingers on the counter and ho-humming thru restaurant ideas, my phone reminded me that Cici's was appreciating customers with a $2.99 buffet. "Holy macaroni we could eat cheap cheap pizza AND be appreciated Boo!". Sold. Until we rolled up to the nearest Cici's and saw the line was out the door and around the corner.

One of the first times in my life I've turned down a deal because of a wait!

(let me reminisce, for a moment, on the night i slept outside of an einstein bagels with some close friends to get free bagel sandwiches for a year...)

(worth. it.)

But, hello, Costco has even cheaper pizza PLUS you can play with all of their electronics, sample fine cuisine, and try out rows of furniture.

So Costco happened and then a tour of UTSA. Because the Gregstudent wanted to show off his campus and I wanted to see where all my money is going.

We ate Skittles and I started to miss being a student and the excitement of a new semester.

That is, until I saw an assignment left on the board in one of his classrooms.

And remembered how fond I am of payday Thursdays.

How's THAT for a date night?

Have a great day :-)

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Nicole Jessop said...

Don't hate me for this.... but I don't like Subaru's. That being said, cute commercial.