Friday, September 14, 2012

Yoo 413 - Combines



Oh combines!

Combines are pretty cool. And they were kind of a focal point of this last trip to Nebraska. But what's not focally about huge machines buried in the golden fields afar?

This is the Kyoo dad explaining all about the intricate workings of combines. And yes, the Kyoo brother is glowing...definitely not a reflection of my bad photography skills...ahem. But back to the point, here's the Kyoo dad, with the non-engineer filter turned on (you're welcome):

"They're big and they eat whole fields and spit out all the important parts into trucks."

There you have it.

We took a combine ride. And I imagined what it would be like to have a farm and a reason to sit in one with my Old MacGregold (too much?) all day long and tell him important stories and elaborate in great detail all of my dreams with swiping hand gestures and dramatic pauses. He would love that.

And sing along to my country songs!

(look reaaaaaaal close at the glare, that's us.)

The Kyoo parents will never romanticize this but I'll do it for them. When they were all young and newly-wedded, they lived on a ranch! With animals! And wheat fields! And a combine! And sometimes the Kyoo mom would ride with the Kyoo dad in the combine all the day long! True story!

Isn't that dreamy?

Wheat fields and country music and young love?

 It probably wasn't quite like that but in my mind I'm pretending it was. Complete with apple cider.

Also relevant, I was a really cute baby. And a good baby at that. To the point that I replaced the Kyoo mom and spent my early days entertaining that farming father of mine with my baby faces and chubby legs.

Just helping the fam earn a living, that's me.

Too bad I never got rid of those chubby legs...moving on!

Wait, since we're talking about babies, don't you kind of want one? Like maybe a real chubby one with a gloriously bald head and big blue eyes and fat cheeks? That smiles and coos all the time and never poops? And also didn't have to be birthed?

I'm ready for that kind of baby.

But back to combines.

I really kind of like them. But they carry a 6-digit price tag. And I guess I don't have a reasonable business need. So likely story is I'll never own one. But if I did, it would have a name and we'd be buds.

As long as I didn't have to drive it and be responsible for a harvest...

Have a great day :-)


Christina said...

I love this post! I bought a big green tractor (not a combine) for my dad last year. It's name is Kinchloe (also from Hogan's Heroes), but Kinch for short. :)

Kyoo said...

Yet another reason why we are friends. I love that you're from a farm and have a big green tractor! With a name!