Monday, September 17, 2012

Yoo 414 - Sunday Morning, Rain Is Falling

I'll admit it, the Gregman has me listening to talk radio. It's still a toss-up between Pandora and iHeart Radio on any given work day, but the fact that it's in the mix is somewhat noteworthy. Now, talk radio was regularly playing in the Kyoo home on any given childhood afternoon, but I haven't willingly listened to it since.

Chalk another mark in the "Growing Up" column, perhaps.

The point is, news is scary! Reading an article every other day about this riot or that politician is one thing. Listening to hours of statistics and in-depth details and news clips and conservative opinions is kind of terror overload most days.

Oh to be an ignorantly blissful child again!

(this is me running off to read calvin and hobbes.)


But I think it's important to be informed and it's having a way of making me cherish the now more than I ever have.

Like waking up on a Sunday morning, next to my favorite man, with a steady, persistent rain falling outside. That is something special, bed head and death breath aside.

(those movies that show romantic mornings of cuddling and silky, slightly tousled hair are some of hollywood's biggest lies, according to this kyoo. there is a strict personal space boundary to be observed until teeth have been brushed and bladders have been emptied in this home.)

Now, let me gush just a bit more about this rain for a second. Because rain! In south Texas! Lasting clear thru the morning!

This is ONLY exciting because it rarely happens. And that's just how I like my weather. Generally sunny, hot days, with a good rain or blizzard thrown in to keep me on my toes. Lightning storms are acceptable every evening after 10pm. Wind and thunder, you are only allowed during regularly scheduled work hours. Ice is never welcome.

(important note: i now consider this a blizzard...don't get too carried away).

But back to the post and how I think I've happened upon some grand epiphany or something.

I haven't really but I'm loving each small moment more and more. Like my Gregcook yelling up the stairs, inquiring about the correct marshmallow to cereal ratio in rice crispy treats. Or our mandatory kiss before parting ways each morning, cause we can't be sure what's going to happen that day. Banana pancakes must be mentioned. And sitting on my patio right now, blogging this lazy evening away while the sun sinks into the horizon and my Gregstudent finishes class.

I think I've even grown fond of the construction on our street with the THUD THUD THUD THUD THUD BEEP BEEP BEEP bulldozer alarm clock every morning.

There's so much going on, good and bad, in this world. But to me, more and more everyday, it's the moments in my home that are gold. Roll your eyes just a bit because I'm getting older and more sappy with each passing hour, but admit that we all have at least a little control over what happens in our homes.

And if we make it good.

Maybe the news will be a little less scary!

Have a great day :-)

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