Monday, November 18, 2013

Yoo 556 - I'm Thankful...Magnetic Feet

Day Eighteen:

I'm thankful that feet aren't magnetic. As Greg pointed out this morning while we were wandering around San Francisco, it'd be quite troublesome if the manhole covers stuck to your foot as you walked along. 

Or anything really. Can you imagine trying to keep your feet as far away from the refrigerator while leaning in to grab your cheese?

Granted, I'm sure there would be plenty of awesome with magnetic feet and technology would have overcome the drawbacks by now, but at least it's a hurdle we've never had to clear, right?

Have a great day :-)


Elizabeth said...

I've actually wished for magnetic shoes many many times... mostly when I see loose change on the road but am too lazy to bend down to get it.

Kyoo said...

That would definitely be a benefit. You could come home each night with a small piggy bank's worth of change attached to your feet!