Monday, November 18, 2013

Yoo 557 - Golden Gate Bridge

We're wreaking havoc on the West Coast together. It's awesome...but we miss pups. But it's awesome. This is the Golden Gate Bridge. You've seen it before. We kissed on it even though Greg made all these pained faces because he hates PDA and I hate PDA but it was the Golden Gate bridge and I decided it'd be worth the exception.

Kissing with trucks roaring past and second-hand smoke filling your lungs is just super romantic. Cross that off my non-existent bucket list.

Other notable things. We saw 3 sea lions being sea lions. Half-way across the bridge we decided it wasn't worth the effort and turned around. Greg spit and swore it caused a wave to break apart. We didn't see a Great White shark, or any type of shark for that matter, surge out of the water and snatch a seagull from the air (it was a real disappointment). Sighting a dog is really exciting and then we text home for a Roscoe update. I get to keep my FAILED NAVIGATOR card.

It's not that I have a bad sense of direction, it's just that I can't keep focus long enough to relay important messages like "turn left" in time for the necessary reaction chain to begin. There are just too many exciting things vying for my attention in unfamiliar surrounds.

Also, in the course of a day, we went from primitive camping to a "4 diamond" rated hotel. I miss the camping.

Last but not least, I made it through Day 1 of this conference. I learned a thing or two. I'm still alive.

Have a great day :-)

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