Sunday, January 5, 2014

Yoo 576 - While I Was Gone...

...I left my siblings with one of my cameras and instructions to document life without me. This is what I came back to.

Tire changes and a depressed dog. Clearly I am the spice in this family if that's really the best they could come up with!

We're back in Nebraska for a few days trying to thaw out from last week. Except it's still cold here with gale-force winds so I don't think we're really going to thaw out until we get back to South Texas. I'm in no hurry though. Life is good with the family.

I went to my brother's basketball game yesterday and he was so cute on the court. Not what a teenage boy wants to hear but he's my little brother. The same little brother that sent me a note in college telling me to leave class, buy a car, and come home to see him. This note also had a picture of a frog with tears flying out of his eyes. And the frog was supposed to be him. So he toadally*** loves me, even when I talk about how adorable he is in his warmup jersey and yell out things like "Go Munce!" after he scores a three-pointer.

Greg went to the game too but he mostly just cheered for the refs cause he's weird. We also had to leave between games to search out church clothes at the local Goodwill. This is the second time Greg has forgotten church clothes on a Nebraska trip so we're getting really good at finding stuff last-minute on the cheap. Black pants, white shirt, and a nice tie for under 10 bucks. Jordan suggested we just leave them at the house for the next time we're here and I think we'll take her up on that offer.

Have I mentioned my dog is so happy I'm back? I love my dog.

Anywho, I have a lot of pictures to sort thru from our trip and so many stories to share. I'll be working thru those over the next little while and also attempting to train my teenage brother to not pee on the toilet seat. I just found out the hard way that he still hasn't mastered that decency.

*** EDIT: Jordan pointed out that I had missed the perfect opportunity here... 

Have a great day :-)

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