Thursday, December 26, 2013

Yoo 575 - Christmas Memories 2013

^^ adam, dad, and greg put up drywall in the garage ^^

^^ it's beginning to look a lot like christmas... ^^

^^ jordie drank juice ^^

^^ it's a salad ^^

^^ it's a tastier salad ^^

^^ we drove 10 miles to see these lights. they danced to music. ^^

^^ i made sugar cookies and then the dough was super frustrating so smil took over decorating ^^

^^ he's been a good boy this year...mostly ^^

^^ this was not staged. and then santa ate the cookies before we could warn him. ^^

^^ he was pretty happy about the cookies ^^

^^ roscoe got the grandparents a gift. it was an "i heart my grand dog" bumper sticker. they weren't thrilled... ^^

^^ dad recorded everything ^^

^^ jordie opened gifts and roscoe's haunches photo bombed ^^

^^ adam opened gifts ^^

^^ dylan opened up a new down sleeping bag and a pack...jealousy... :-) ^^

^^ greg got the gift in the dalmations pop bag box. family tradition. it's been repackaged for decades. ^^

^^ mom opened the family calendar painstakingly designed by this gal ^^

^^ and unveiled the main attraction ^^

^^ a porch swing built entirely by adam! don't tell him but we were super impressed... ^^

^^ pups wondered where his presents were...he got greenies treats for his bad breath ^^

^^ greg took this ^^

^^ 3 seconds before crazy dog engaged ^^

^^ i attempted star pictures ^^

^^ no, mom, that is not your couch... ^^

^^ munce showed off his new headphones to dork dog ^^

^^ dork dog gave him a kiss...probably to tell him to stop ^^

^^ we went on a walk in the country ^^

It was my favorite kind of low-key Nebraska Christmas. Only could have been better with Morgan there! She's all important and stuff and had to work. Actually, she works at a hospital and is low-nurse-on-the-totem-pole so she really couldn't get off. But she drove thru the night and is here now!

We're playing Rook at the moment and it's loud and there are sore losers and of course I'm not one of them...

Also, I just took my last shower for over a week and am about to head up to the "arctic north" to freeze my buns off in the name of adventure and winter vacation. This seemed like a much better idea back in September in San Antonio. Now I've been shivering in Nebraska for days while reading about the record lows being set in Minnesota. The long underwears have been packed and my expectations are low so hopefully it will be an awesome time.

Merry Christmas yesterday!

Have a great day :-)

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