Monday, February 17, 2014

Yoo 588 - Twizzles


The Olympics are on. I've basically lived on my couch with pups every night since they started. I'm starting to lose my gusto but I have to hold out...the closing ceremony is in sight.

Is my dog not the best cuddler ever? It freaks me out when he looks straight at the camera.

Next question. Can you take a sport seriously when one of the fundamental elements is called a twizzle? I think it's an acquired taste.

Anyways, I told Greg on Sunday that we need to breed an Olympic athlete since I'll probably never get to go as an athlete myself. Though I think my best chance for the winter games would be luge or skeleton. Like how hard can they be? Probably not as hard as slopestyle skiing. They land jumps backwards! Or I could lose 50 pounds and gain a ton of athleticism and precision and take up biathlon. I'd feel really boss skiing around with a gun on my back. I forgot about curling...there's always curling. But I feel like my unrealized Olympic dreams will be passing the torch onto my offspring. So now I want to breed this athlete and name him Miles. He'll compete in some type of endurance sport. And win. Then I could be on a P&G moms commercial and maybe get fee househould products for a year.

In other unrealistic dreams, I want a Ninja Warrior-like course in my future backyard. How awesome would that be? It's a workout but you wouldn't even notice until you woke up the next morning feeling like a bus hit you. Basically I want to give it a try but not have anyone witness it. Enter the privacy of my future backyard.

Greg is in agreement.

Meryl Davis and Charlie White just won. Bedtime!

Have a great day :-)

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