Sunday, March 9, 2014

Yoo 593 - Ecuador

Well, I'm in Ecuador on spring break but mostly celebrating Alisha's birthday. She's here too. And Greg. We're doing our best to navigate this country with our VERY limited Spanish. 

Lest you think this is all fun and games (though it is) here are some funny tidbits so far:

My new nickname is Quince. Upon arrival to Mexico City for a layover, we were directed into Lane 5 for customs check and, eager to resurrect my high school Spanish, I mistakenly exclaimed "Quince!" when I should have exclaimed "Cinco!". This has not yet been forgotten so I might as well immortalize it on the blog. 

Greg's nickname is Puma. Or Pumba, depending on the situation. 

Alisha has yet to acquire a nickname, which she finds quite distressing. 

I ate entirely French fries for dinner tonight because I had no idea what I was ordering. The words "papas fritas" never came out of my mouth so I'm still unsure as to how this happened. Thankfully we found a good pizza place in this town as backup. 

A baby jaguar attacked me in a hammock. There I was, minding my business, when the feline approached. It looked friendly until it was scratching at my eye with no warning. I recoiled and it proceeded to scratch from underneath the hammock before pouncing and hanging from either side. 

It was traumatizing and also it was actually a small cat but let's run with the embellishment. 

I had to rub alcohol on my eyelid and neosporin the day lights out of it. Burning...

I miss pups. 

What else?

We went rafting today and I can't say for certain that I did not consume any of the river water. It was pretty wild and at one point I was pinned under the raft. How long until you start feeling symptoms of water-borne diseases? Is it still too early to tell?

We're drinking a lot of Coke to fight stomach bugs. 

Oh! We went to a circus that had no safety regulations whatsoever and it was a real edge-of-your-seat experience. I found it more humorous in Spanish than it probably would have been in English. 

One more comment about the language barrier. While waiting for the circus to open, we started watching what looked like a women's pickup soccer game. I wanted to join the game and was excited when one of the players approached Alisha with a question. Of course we couldn't understand the question so we took turns expressing "No hablo espaƱol pero quiero jugar." Eventually they came back and flashed some money so we think they were actually asking us to pay them? Either way it was our cue to leave.

That being said, Ecuador is great. KNOCK ON WOOD. The people have been so friendly and helpful and the country is beautiful. 

Just not their baby jaguars. 

Have a great day :-)

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