Friday, March 14, 2014

Yoo 594 - Still In Ecuador

Ecuador is so gorgeous. I can't believe this country wasn't on my wish list sooner!

More tales from the trip in near real-time:

I have a crazy love for dogs and the ones here are no different. Dogs everywhere! And they all look so happy even though they're flea-ridden. And it's hard to avoid them like I know I should. Case in point, I scratched the belly of one. It was with a tall rubber boot and you should have seen how happy it made her!

A lot more happy than it made me when I realized I suddenly had fleas. Then we all had fleas. 

But it's part of the experience and between quarantining our infected clothes and several showers I think we have the problem under control...

Now if only my mosquito bites would stop itching!

Changing the subject to Alisha's shower in our jungle cabana. Just as she was in full suds mode with her soap and shampoo, the water unexpectedly disappeared, not to return for an hour. She stood there waiting for at least 20 minutes before our guide suggested she trek down to rinse off in a waterfall. 

How fun, right!?

She says it's not funny yet and to drop it...

For not having planned or booked anything prior to this trip and flying on our whims, it's going well. 


We've gotten on all the right buses and kept our days full and active. I just wish I had another week or two. There's so much in this country I want to see!

Oh! Greg pet a cow yesterday. And let it lick his hand. Also, I'm still officially afraid of heights. And snakes, though I was disappointed I didn't see one in the Amazon. 

Slightly related, sometimes I forget to throw my toilet paper in the trash can and not in the toilet and I really hope I haven't left too many problems in our prior hostels...

It's a weird habit to break!

On a food note, we instituted a rule that we'd only eat at restaurants with pictures of their food adjacent to the name. It's really improved our meal-ordering experiences! Aka, I haven't just ended up with fries again. I think I'm learning more Spanish in the process, too. 

Did I tell you about my toe injury? I don't know what happened but it happened white-water rafting. The toe was fine when I got in the raft and definitely not fine when I got out. I'm not entirely sure that it isn't broken because it was swollen and black and blue and crooked and hurt like the dickens to walk on after. Several days later I'm getting used to it but it's still tender. 

No holds barred though, the trip goes on!

Have a great day :-)

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Black Tragger said...

I'm kind of glad you went to Ecuador before me. Now I'm really excited to go! I probably won't do most of the fun things you did but it still sounds like an awesome place to visit. Can't wait to see the pictures when you get back!