Saturday, September 20, 2014

Yoo 619 - Seattle and Seaplanes

"Welcome to Seattle!" The pilot cheered as I peeked out the window to a solid wall of clouds.

"Well this is meeting expectations." I joked to Greg.

But seconds later the clouds started to clear and spectacularly framed my first real glimpse of Seattle: a distant ferry boat with white churn trailing thru a glossy grey-blue sea.

It was a pretty fun introduction.

Our time in Seattle included some sight-seeing, but mostly family-seeing since Greg's brother and wife and three kids live there. Those nieces and nephew are too entertaining! We visited Pike Place Market and walked around the space needle (even unexpectedly running into friends from San Antonio!) and played around in the flagship REI store. There was a glass-blowing studio and a petting zoo and seafood and "everything is going wrong" emails from work and wild blackberries and Legos and ferries sailing off into the sunset and getting flipped off at WinCo and perfect bacon breakfasts and two sleeping bags and a pile of luggage taking up a living room and shows all about puppies. Random stuff with a whole lot of family time. And laughing.

I inherited some pretty funny nieces and nephews and it gives me hope of nights ahead, settling into bed with Greg while laughing about what our kids did or said that day and giving each other "what have we gotten into??" looks.

All that aside, the most memorable part of Seattle was my first seaplane tour. I just love airplanes and flying.

Side note: one of the goats at the petting zoo was wearing a vest with a pocket to put donations. It was adorable and effective because all of a sudden I wanted to give that goat ALL OF MY MONEY. I have a weak spot for these things.

We'll have to visit again.

Have a great day :-)

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