Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Yoo 620 - Roscoe and Sunsets and Bats and Dad

This is pups being my favorite buddy while I worked ALL night. He was right there with me the whole time...until he fell asleep. But he never left my side, even curling up under my desk at times. His goofy dog face and neck fat still make me happy at three in the morning.

Dogs forever.

Photos from a sunset hike recently. It was cloudy but the sun exploded thru with a reddish-pink fury at the end. Living a grateful life comes so easily when I'm on a hike with my favorites and less easily when I'm up all night with work.



Visiting Zilker Park and letting pups run and swim free is a favorite. My dad was in Austin for the better part of a week and we battled rush-hour traffic to spend an evening with him. So worth it. I actually battled the traffic two days in a row which says it all. Few things ignite my inner Hulk like traffic. But seeing my dad surpassed the road rage. Also, I had the allure of spending most of a Friday working in a nice hotel room by myself which is introvert heaven.

I'd do it again.

Even the part where I had to chauffeur him and a handful of his work colleagues to Salt Lick for dinner one rainy night.

Other memorable experiences include getting play-by-play text updates of my brother's homecoming football game (they won), the half-time announcement (he was crowned king), and falling asleep to "The Sum of All Fears" (dad's choice...).

Nothing extraordinary except that it was because DAD. Being around him sure is a morale boost. Greg agrees.

Have a great day :-)

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