Monday, October 20, 2014

Yoo 631 - Capital to Coast 2014, Part 2

The night running was awwwwwwwwesome. Cool temperatures and much easier to focus. I began my second leg on the shoulder of a busy highway just as the sun was setting. It was a beautiful 15 minutes until complete darkness. I felt a lot stronger than expected at that point in the day, too. 

My pace held up pretty well for all 7.77 miles. I handed off thoroughly spent after 1:05:51 with an average pace of 8:29. There was a nice gas station at the transition so I took a quick baby wipe bath and got cleaned up for the next few hours.

Onward supporting the next runner!

The next couple runners went by quickly. I drove the van and got out every couple miles to hand off fluids. It was after my "shifts" ended that fatigue set in. NAP NEEDED.

I got maybe 15 minutes of sleep? An off-road leg and adventure to retrieve a lost cell phone that was actually still perched on the van's bumper woke me up.

Around 2am our last runner finished and we drove to Beeville for some rest. At a Whataburger. I jealously watched everyone down their burgers while I munched on a Cliff Bar. As first runner, I did not have enough time to digest a burger before my next run!

We tried to sleep in the van. It was a lot warmer than it should have been outside so all the doors were open for venting. Three grown men sprawled out on each bench seat, a couple trying to sleep in the captain's seats, and me on the floor. Not the most refreshing shut-eye. And garbage trucks are SO LOUD.

At 5am we headed further south to Skidmore where I'd take over from van 1. My calves were so tight I could barely walk. We waited at a gas station right across from the transition and I hobbled into that bathroom at least 4 times before my run. Caffeine happened. So did BUTTer. There was chaffing and when I finally got the gel applied it stung SO BAD! I almost cried. It was like doing the splits over a thousand angry beehives. Though it only lasted a few minutes and I survived. Better prepared for the oncoming friction, I set a stretch goal of 9-minute miles and tried to loosen up.

Last leg!

It began with the van fending off loose dogs about 2 blocks in. My first mile was just under 10 minutes. I wasn't moving too swiftly. But I caught my first road kill! I sped up a bit because I didn't want them to pass me.

The rest of the 7.35 miles were gorgeous as the sun was rising off to my left. They were also uncomfortable as I was really pushing myself, certain the person behind me was going to make a move and pass at any moment. It was about 5.5 miles into it that I realized there wasn't anyone behind me...

I set my sights on the horizon and counted paces just trying to gut out the final miles. It finally ended after 1:04:07, an average pace of 8:43/mile. Stretch goal met!

Same story, third verse. We kept running/supporting.

Pit stop.

Hours later, after the day got really warm and many more runners had finished their legs, we got to Corpus.

We waited around the corner from the finish for our last runner to appear. During this time I watched a man shove his entire arm between two parking meters. It was a big arm. After that and much twiddling of thumbs, our runner rounded the corner and we all hobbled to the beach together.


Last runner cooling off!

Such a fun relay and an awesome team. I had a blast with these guys! I've known several of them for years. They're like big brothers. But others I'd just met that weekend. The camaraderie happened fast and the whole two days were hilarious. Secretly hoping there are more injuries next year so I can fill in again...

Have a great day :-)

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