Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Yoo 632 - Malaquite Beach

Greg met me in Corpus at the finish of Capital to Coast, after I'd joined my team in an appetizer gorge-fest at some Mexican restaurant. We'd had plans to camp at a State Park but then someone forgot the state parks pass so we ended up heading for the National Seashore on Padre Island. It was early evening and I was beyond tired. I wanted nothing more than to put down the back seats, lay my sleeping bag out, and die for 10 hours. Luckily we found the camping area at Malaquite Beach and there were still spots left so we could set up the tent NOT on sand.

There was a sunset stroll on the beach but it wasn't quite as romantic as you'd imagine because Roscoe needed to be tranquilized. He was going nutterballs with every creature sighting which was exacerbated by the fact that he was attached to Greg's arm. After he got in one with a crab, we just went back and crawled into the tent.

But then Roscoe was all confused. We were in our 2-man tent which is just big enough for me and Greg. Roscoe walked all over us like "where's my spot?" eight times. Even after I'd made him a spot at the foot of my sleeping bag. Not to mention the fact that we hadn't put the tent fly on so he could see outside and every little thing that moved outside. I was tired enough that I slept through most of his shenanigans but I don't think he slept the entire night. I did wake up a couple times to him licking my face, which was weird. He's such a funny dog.

We got up just as the dark was becoming less dark, left Roscoe to finally get some sleep in the car, and hobbled along the beach for sunrise. It was spectacular. My favorite part was watching the pelicans and joking with Greg about possible CD names for their imaginary band.

Breakfast was a cheat because we Dutch-ovened tubed cinnamon rolls but it was still a step above pop tarts. The family camped next to us was originally from the Czech Republic. They had 3 adorable young girls with the cutest accents who kept coming over to pet Roscoe and talk.

In closing, I love running and camping and my husband and my dog and food and the hours buffering sunrise and sunset. It was a great weekend.

Have a great day :-)

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