Saturday, October 25, 2014

Yoo 633 - Diarrhea

This post's unifying theme is: diarrhea!

First, pups. We awoke to a very staccatoed bark on Tuesday morning. It was 2am. Roscoe was moving all about the room, hurried and erratic. I asked him what was wrong and he replied with another bark. Later, Greg translated this into "iiiiIIIIII NEEDTOPOOP!!!!" and the thought of the scene still makes us laugh.

But our poor dog! Greg took him out and sleep eventually resumed.

Until 4am.

And again at 6am.

Big props to whoever owned pups before us! The only way he could be more house-trained would be if he knew how to use the toilet. Even through all those emergencies he woke us up and waited to be taken outside every time.

I'm not sure what caused his GI issues but he's all better now.

Second, this black bean soup.

Striking resemblance, right? Guess what it's going to be for Halloween...

I made it on Monday. Followed the recipe exactly. Turned out nothing like the picture. It doesn't taste bad but it does murder your appetite  on sight so it's hard to get down.

We've been eating it for lunch most days this week. I can't wait until it's gone. Greg especially can't wait until it's gone. No more black bean soup in this house for a while! Next week's lunches will be frozen orange chicken from Costco. It's safe and was on sale.

Other mentionables not relating to  diarrhea:

I saw a coyote on a trail run and it was really really cool.

Costco is out of greek yogurt and my heart hurts for it.

Our water damage is getting repaired next week and we'll be getting a kitchen light again.

Roscoe loves puppy lattes.

Have a great day :-)

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