Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Yoo 634 - Nebraska: The Sibling's Games

This was the main reason we took a weekend trip to Nebraska: the games. I've missed out on a lot of my youngest siblings' lives since I've been out of the house for almost 10 years. It was time I saw Jordie play volleyball and Munce play football.

The area schools have merged since I played high school sports so they weren't wearing my colors, but there were still familiar faces nonetheless. Jordie's junior varsity volleyball coaches are actually girls that went to school with Morgan, in crazy news. And my old volleyball coach was still on the sidelines, though in a decidedly less vocal role. Then I realized that all of the preschoolers running around when I was life guarding are now in high school. GASP. So fun to be there and they won!

Also fun was buying sinfully delicious cookies and exploring the new high school weight room. I love weight rooms. And then I had a dream about my own high school weight room. It was a dungeon but I spent a lot of time down there.

And, for documentation purposes, here's Jordie during the varsity game:

Adam's football game was beautifully staged. The brand new stands face west so we witnessed a heartlands sunset while the teams warmed up. Greg missed the sunset while he drove back home to retrieve the forgotten camera. Mom brought a thermos full of hot chocolate and I carried the sleeping bag and blankets to keep warm.

It was thrilling to see my brother run out on that field, all dressed up in his uniform! I've never paid so much attention to a football game in my life, constantly trying to spot his number 33 in the pile-ups. There were a few times I wanted to beat up the other players after they tackled him but then the logical part of my brain kicked in and I wanted Greg to beat them up.

The game was a massacre, not in their favor, but still a blast to watch. They were playing last-year's state champions. Adam wasn't in the mood to stand around and pose for more pictures after though. Actually, it was more their coach that wasn't allowing any dawdling.

I'm really glad we were able to watch their games. Totally worth the drive. These kids are growing up too fast!

Have a great day :-)

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