Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Yoo 635 - Fixed

We have a kitchen light again! It's a lot nicer than the original light, too. No complaints there. BUT, I'm bugged by the kitchen cabinet they rebuilt.

The doors are lopsided and installed too high.

Look at that picture and tell me it doesn't drive you nuts. You can't.

Oh it's driving me nuts.

But popcorn ceilings drove me nuts and I got used to ignoring those real fast. Plus, I heard the guy installing that cabinet and I wasn't about to ask him to make it better. Not to mention he gave me his extra fish sandwich one day during lunch.

I've been working from home for three days to let the contractors in and I never thought I'd say this but...I'm ready to get back to work. This will change promptly at 9am tomorrow morning and I'll miss my pajamas and dog and not being around people. I'm a grass is greener person.

Now, more excitedly, Greg and I started howling last night with the intention of getting Roscoe to join in and HE DID. It was one of the coolest things that has happened in a while. Pups has such a convincing howl. It reminded us of our dog sledding trip and we high-fived remembering what a great mushing team we made.  But anyways, I wish I could train Roscoe to howl on command. That and dance.

Well, I'm glad everything is all fixed but cross your fingers we don't have any other house disasters for a while. I need time to save up for the next one.

Have a great day :-)

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