Friday, January 16, 2015

Yoo 651 - This Week in Pictures: Jan 10-16

January 10

Our kitchen cabinets never had pulls but they do now! We bought these several months ago and last Saturday I finally had the gusto to install them. Started after Greg left for work and finished before he got home to surprise him. Did he notice? No! Even after I told him to get something in the cupboard for me. I watched him USE the pull and still nothing. He was excited after I blatantly pointed them out but sheesh.

January 11

This picture of Roscoe sums up how we felt about last Sunday. Sick and on the couch. Worst day of the year so far!

January 12

My six-year service anniversary at USAA...down to the Monday. I was a little bitter at first because I woke up to a phone call announcing that a million (slight exaggeration) batch processes had failed and were being escalated to me. But later on the happy reflections came. Through the good and the bad, I have fond memories of my six years here.

January 13

This seems appropriate for a Tuesday. Nothing too remarkable going on. Found this in a Snoopy book I was skimming thru. Greg picked it up at Goodwill once upon a time and I rolled my eyes at it...but I've probably looked at it more than he has since bringing it home.

January 14

January organizing. I was walking past these bookshelves and suddenly had the urge to take everything off and clean them. My living room went from presentable to this in five minutes. Still in the process of putting it back together...

January 15

The weather was beautiful on Thursday and pups was my running buddy. He loved his life but I spent most of the time telling him that he probably didn't need to stop and pee for a twelfth time. 

January 16

Still breaking in our cast-iron pizza pan. Still need more practice :-)

It wasn't much of a party like originally planned though. Greg was working late and showed up after and I had to get back to work and left early. Win some, lose some.

Till next week!

Have a great day :-)

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