Friday, January 23, 2015

Yoo 652 - Work Talk and This Week in Pictures: Jan 17 - 23

This week.

Is not one that I will be choosing to relive.


It's been my own real-life Groundhog Day since last Thursday. Except that I didn't get to die a really cool death every night and wake up completely unaffected the next morning. Or only eat pizza and hamburgers and potato chips without the greasy-food hangover. That's more along the lines of how I would have exploited that movie's situation.

But I'm about to get moderately nerdy on you and talk about work. And while we're on the topic of disclaimers, there is a snake picture below, but I PROMISE I will give you plenty of warning.

So, there's been a production issue with one of the IT applications I own. This pains me because it is a really cool application that provides what I think is some of the raddest data and it's basically my work husband. I'm married to this thing. And I love it.

Side note, my Ecuadorian coworker taught me the word chévere today. Which I actually remembered from my trip to Ecuador last year. But you might say this application is muy chévere. And I'm going to ask him on Monday if I used that correctly...

Back to the point!

This application is critical in delivering data used for plans and stuff. Obviously I have to be vague. But there were deadlines and also there were unexplained discrepancies that were believed to be the result of a coding error or errors that I needed to find and fix.

Now the Groundhog Day part of it was that every morning I would get up dark and early and excitedly start working on the issue. I was excited because every morning I believed, nay, was CERTAIN, that I had found and fixed the problem the evening before, leaving batch processes to run overnight for validation the next day. And by "evening before" we're talking midnight to two in the morning.

Are you lost yet? Don't get lost!

Well, every morning I would start these validation processes with my favorite business person, only to realize that there was more to the problem because not everything had been fixed. So I'd spend all day searching for another possible cause and eventually finding another possible cause and testing the fix and implementing the fix and running everything again to validate the next morning.

Seriously. The same situation EVERY day. By Tuesday it felt like it should have been Friday. Not that it would have mattered because I had to keep working until it was fixed, but still. The days just bled together and sleep was sacrificed and I hit a few low points. A feeeeeeeew.

Even as I type, I am putting off one last thing that needs to get done before I can officially call a wrap on this adventure but I think my sails are going to wait and hope there's wind tomorrow.


It's a good thing I love this application and like to solve problems.

Despite all that craziness, I stuck with my picture-a-day. Here's the excitement!

January 17

Nothing too special about this picture. I spent most of the day at work. It was actually blissful. No one was there and I got to put my headphones on and play with code without any distractions. Remembered that I needed to take a picture on our way to the temple that afternoon...

January 18

THIS IS MY FAVORITE PICTURE OF THE WEEK AND PROBABLY OF THE MONTH. Meet Joyce. I know her from church and visit her because she is awesome and makes me happy and loves dogs. We sit with our dogs on our laps and she tells me her life stories, interspersed with comments on how beautiful and handsome Roscoe is.

I mean, heart-stealer.

Meanwhile Greg gets to watch the Spurs game seated in her rocking chair. We all love Joyce-time.

Here's the picture just after the picture:

Roscoe thought Greg was getting food.

January 19

Sunset. Still at work. Week off to a bad start. But I did challenge a coworker to a query-writing competition and mine was several seconds faster.

You're probably not all that thrilled about that. Never mind.

January 20

Clearly I was hitting a breaking point. It was only Wednesday. Or was that Tuesday? That was Tuesday.

No snake picture yet. 

January 21

This is all I could come up with for Wednesday. Don't try to understand it. Just know that at that point, again, I was certain I had found the problem but then discovered the next morning that it hadn't fixed everything.

Still no snake picture but it is the one after this next one so prep yourself.

January 22

Took a break from work and had the sudden urge to resurrect Calvin from the dead. It was pathetic and Roscoe was quivering in the corner, but I am pleased to report I can at least still rock my 6th-grade solo.

Also, I did 15 unassisted pull-ups today. Not all at the same time so don't think I'm THAT amazing.


January 23

I took pups out to the dog run and peeked over the fence to see the progress on the apartment complex that's being built and THIS is what greeted me below.

Too close for comfort and I wasn't a fan! I didn't even like having the picture of that thing on my phone in my pocket. But it was the most memorable part of the day...and it wasn't work-related. So.

I'm really hoping next week does not trump this week. Or last week.

Have a great day :-)

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