Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Yoo 654 - Twenty-eight

Twenty-eight began with a 5:30 alarm and subsequent 9-minute snooze. Then another 9-minute snooze. Then kicking of Greg to get him out of bed. I was delightfully grumpy and acting accordingly.

Texts from mom and dad.

Assuming the shape of a pile on the couch for scripture study. We're in the New Testament this year.

Making Greg's lunch while he plays with Roscoe outside. 

Muah. "Love you bye!"

House to myself.

I wasted a half-hour reading about the Pacific Crest Trail and eating organic "toaster pastries". Roscoe stared at me with his eyes closed. Had to remind him that he was excited about my birthday...

Then I enthusiastically got ready for work. No, really. It was bonus day and I had rice crispy treats to share!

Oh yeah, our spare room looked like this, thanks to pups.

Luckily it was a stuffed animal we bought specifically for the kill.

Work was fun. There were just a few things to take care of before the big employee meeting. The January session is where our corporate performance from the prior year is reviewed and relative bonus percentage announced. It's a favorite. Also, our CEO is retiring and I'm going to miss seeing him at these quarterly meetings.

I watched it from the treadmill in the fitness center. Seven miles.

Then it was one more thing to fix and off to enjoy the afternoon.

I looked at the forecast as I was leaving and my spirits lifted a thousand percent.

Stop at home for Roscoe.

Stop at the post office for a package.

Batman stamps! And rice crispy treats. Thanks mom :-)

Stop to see Joyce and Pepito. Oh does she ever make me happy. Shared rice crispy treats.

Roscoe got spoiled at the retirement home. All the ladies wanted a piece of him.

Wipe that grin off your face, dork.

Stop at Costco for pizza and frozen yogurt. Shared with pups.

Stop at Eisenhower. Killed the day hiking with my best bud. Talked to my mom. Hit all the mud puddles. Twice. Ate pizza. Watched the sun set. Talked about smells with pups. Watched him pee. Fourteen times. Told him he's the best dog on the planet. Fifty times.

Then it was home. Waited to be reunited with Greg from work and class. The night before he'd given me this book. It was almost like receiving two gifts since it was 50% off! And it came with a blerch sticker.

I believe in the blerch.

Ate two rice crispy treats. Talked to dad. Talked to Jordan. Talked to Dylan. Found out Dylan sent a package. It should be getting here "any day now". Translation...she mailed it that day. Watched funny videos with Greg.

Then it was 9:30 and I crashed hard.

As far as Tuesday birthdays are concerned, I'd live this one again. Twenty-eight could be exciting or boring. I'm going to do everything I can to make it exciting. Much to the chagrin of my parents.

Have a great day :-)

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