Sunday, February 8, 2015

Yoo 656 - This Week in Pictures: Jan 31 - Feb 6

January 31

Saturday was our last day as Baptistry Coordinators at the temple. After two years! We're going to miss serving in that capacity.

February 1

Ok, a boring sunset picture. But the moon! The thing I remember most about Sunday is that it was Fast Sunday and the toddler sitting in front of me during church was waving a peanut butter and jelly sandwich AND a cheese stick in my face and I was thinking, "what happened to the promise that we wouldn't be tempted above that which we are able"???

One o'clock church is not my favorite on Fast Sundays. Also, I'm clearly about at the maturity level of an 8-year-old when it comes to fasting. I know.

February 2

Well, we "tried" to play basketball on Monday. Greg got home at a decent time! It was the weirdest and also the best thing. The game went as expected. I tried to argue that I should be allowed to push and trip to make up for the height difference and Greg vehemently opposed this and still called all my fouls. I accidentally threw the ball over the fence and while trekking out to retrieve it turned the lights off as a joke and they never came back on. Then, as we were playing in the dark, I stepped on Greg's shoe, accidentally again, and the sole ripped off.

I hate basketball.

February 3

So, a couple weeks ago you might remember me talking about working a lot. That was for start-of-year processing. Well, January processing began on Tuesday and by that night I realized we were in for a rough week. But Roscoe was right there with me! It's the best when he curls up under my desk, with his face on my lap, and gives me his moral support.

Dogs for president.

February 4

The list of "Daily Habits" I aim to complete. It's a rare day when I have a check mark next to ALL of them. Wednesday was no exception. The "weekly daily habit" makes no sense but I've tried to assign a responsibility to each day of the week as a focus. Wednesdays are supposed to be for Cubscouts but I did not get our next den meeting planned...

February 5

Wednesday evening, as I was at the office late researching a data issue, there arose a situation where a coworker and I were both waiting on a query that was going to take several minutes to run. During this time, speculations were cast about what this query was going to return and suddenly there was a bet, macaroni and cheese for the winner. It grew from store-brand to Kraft to Velveeta Shells and Cheese as the database chugged along.

And then I won.

I laughed so hard when he actually paid up Thursday morning. With a low-fat option too!

February 6

Friday should have been terrible. Before I even got to work, my finger had a heartbeat because I'd sliced it opening yogurt and I was chewing thru my spinach smoothie because the blender stopped working without warning.

Then my shoelace ripped in half mid-day.

Also, I started working at 7:30 in the morning and before I knew it midnight was upon me with no end in sight.

But I have the funnest coworkers and I really really like the application I'm supporting right now. It's fun. Plus, someone in the area was having "Bacon Day" to celebrate their birthday and I found a sampling of those delicacies dropped off at my desk. The bacon brownie won.

Have a great day :-)

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