Friday, March 27, 2015

Yoo 660 - Disneyland for Dogs

There's a place in southeast Texas that is actually the happiest place on earth. Disneyland doesn't want to know this but it's true. The Congressman Bill Archer dog park is amazing. I don't know much about Bill Archer or his politics but bravo on getting a dog park named after you.

So this dog park has a bone-shaped swimming pool. An almost mile-long hiking track. Fake fire hydrants. A million dogs. And mud puddles. Mud puddles as far as the eye can see.

Also, it's free and there are dog-washing stations.

I'm really struggling to imagine something it's missing. Besides my name. I want a dog park this cool named after me.

Greg's sister told us about this place last year and we stop by every time we're in Houston. Roscoe loves loves loves it. And we love love love it. Watching pups be a dog and roll in all the mud puddles and wrestle with all the friends and fetch the tennis ball from the pool over and over again is extremely satisfying. I'm basically boiling over with happiness when I'm there. And we could spend hours there, walking around the trail and dodging wet dogs. Eventually we do have to leave because we can tell Roscoe is exhausted but still throwing himself 1,000 percent into his play and probably close to keeling over dead with pure puppy euphoria.

He's always asleep in the back of the car by the time we pull out of the parking lot. And really fluffy from his bath.

Dogs are awesome.

Have a great day :-)

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