Sunday, April 5, 2015

Yoo 661 - McKinney Falls and Bluebonnets

Greg went to bed early with allergies. Roscoe's curled up on the couch next to me trying to catch up on all the naps he missed. And I'm trying to hold on to the tiniest bit of Sunday night that remains.

We were free from work and church responsibilities this weekend so it was a good one. Spent outside and together.

McKinney Falls State Park was the main destination but we had two lengthy sidetracks at Zilker Park in Austin. I never get over loving that park.

And yes, the bluebonnet pictures are a joke. This is how Roscoe really felt about them.

Favorites from the weekend include:

Roscoe at Zilker Park. There's a great off-leash dog park with access to the lake. He has finally recognized his roots and developed a love for swimming...and he'll fetch in the water! We can't get him to dock jump like the cool dogs, instead he carefully eases himself into the water, but he's always determined to get that stick. Even if he loses sight of it and swims in confused circles.

Blah blah he's the most fun dog on the planet and we love him times a thousand.

You might even say he's "the ideal beautiful" if you were a random chick walking past us on the sidewalk.

Don't worry, my head's still inflated.

McKinney Falls was rainy but pleasant. We hiked around while listening to General Conference. I tested a new backpack that I really really like and Greg tested new shoes. Roscoe tested our patience.

Just kidding! He was a really good dog. Even handled being in the super tiny tent (imagine a two-person bivvy sack but subtract some breathing room) with good graces. There was a moment at six in the morning when he threw up on my sleeping bag but he cleaned it right up.

Greg pretended to be asleep during that.

Two minutes later though, he decided he'd had enough of sleeping on a deflated sleeping pad and took Roscoe out for some fresh air on his way to the car.

Why was his sleeping pad deflated? Well, it got a small hole in it sometime last year. He successfully patched it but it needs a touch-up. Actually, it needed a touch up about 4 camping trips ago and he's never remembered. I'm thinking it will get remembered this time judging by his comments that morning.

Or maybe I'll do it. He does have a birthday coming up...

We threw our camping food together with no plans and only one impromptu trip to HEB. Whilst roaming the aisles we decided to throw together a pepperoni pizza with French bread and broil it in the Dutch oven. Definitely going on the good idea list. We also bought cereal for breakfast before realizing we had no bowls.

Except we did and ended up using a collapsible dog bowl. BUT DON'T BE DISGUSTED. It was brand new, never used, and we washed it first.

Roscoe's kind of miffed he doesn't get as many table scraps nowadays.

He even stole my spot at the picnic table when I got up to check on the coals. If he wasn't so cute...

Also favorite, we were camped next to a food truck. It wasn't open for business but the owner was friendly and gave us a big bag of leftover kettle corn. We would have offered him some pizza but weren't super confident in it's quality and he did introduce himself as a "chef".

We'll have to give his truck a try the next time we see it. Chef's Roadshow.

Also also, Cadbury mini eggs.

And this dog all the way home.

Have a great day :-)

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