Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Yoo 669 - Christmas 2014, Before I Forget

It's June and I want to record my favorite moments from Christmas 2014 before it's Christmas 2015. With all the Italy posts and then lots of work at work these pictures and thoughts just kept getting pushed back.

But not anymore!

The above picture of Roscoe kills me. He's just the best. Also, we need kids because I feel like Christmas will be heaps more fun with kids.

First, gas was going down in price. Under $2! We drove over 2,000 miles so that was helpful. Funny how it's $2.40ish right now, up from a low of sub two dollars, and I've been complaining about how expensive it's getting again...when it used to be flirting with four.

This kitty welcomed us. He died last month so it's particularly noteworthy. He was our first pet (besides goldfish) and had been part of the family since I was in seventh grade. I still remember the first day we got him and his cute kitty body running across the living room floor. We were giddy. He turned out to be a pretty dumb cat but we loved him and a part of our hearts will miss Luckster.

Pups loved running free in the country as much as he ever does. Especially with a little bit of snow! It's so fun to watch him get to be a dog.

I remember being super jet-lagged and taking a lot of naps. I could not, no matter how hard I tried, sleep in past two or three in the morning. Even if I was successful in staying up until a reasonable hour, my head would pop off of that pillow and I'd be ready for the day to start. Four hours before anyone else was thinking of starting their day. I spent a lot of those hours sitting in the living room with the Christmas tree sparkling and my puppy curled up next to me.

The world was perfect.

After a few days of unsuccessfully trying to get back on a CDT sleep schedule, I succumbed to the napping urges, with my now "sleep-deprived" dog joining me.

A couple family basketball games that actually ended amicably. And one where Greg and I were playing AGAINST each other! This definitely needs to be documented. Next time we'll need to remember our basketball shoes because the game ended when I started getting blisters from trying to be agile in my old running shoes. But we had fun.



Adam and Greg playing twins.

Morgan made us copycat Cafe Rio pork salads. There weren't any leftovers. Also, I just realized she's wearing my high school All-State band shirt. Morgan, I want that back! It's practically vintage now!

Morgan also hosted a "Traditional Christmas Meal" on Christmas Eve. She's really passionate about establishing meaningful traditions even though we tend to not be the most cooperative people when it comes to meaningful traditions. Case in point: dressing up was requested and that alone about killed the evening. But she did a great job and we loved it. Right down to the random snowman candle that stole the show. He changed colors and it took us a while to figure out how!

We were supposed to act out the Christmas story on Christmas Eve like we did when we were kids but we never got it ready. And it wouldn't have been the same without the rehearsals leading up to it. Teenage Tyrant Teagan trying to mold infants up to grade-schoolers into a worthy production. Sometimes I'm a bit on the overkill side of life but it's ok because we can laugh about it now. And those endless rehearsals produced skits that are some of the best home videos we own.

So you're welcome, siblings. And next year we're actually doing it.

We did get a family picture put together though. I'd say it's a winner for this year's card, right mom?

Have a great day :-)

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