Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Yoo 678 - Blue Moon at Colorado Bend State Park

Smil and I went camping at Colorado Bend State Park this past weekend. Her time here is almost up and I need to enjoy her company while I can! Plus, blue moon.

Unfortunately, the best part of the weekend I can't even write about but it had something to do with fire. Maybe.

Changing the subject.

I liked this cloud. It would be fun to fly around.

This chicken is my favorite camp meal right now.


It was super hot. The air was thick and unmoving. Which made for a miserable night. Especially with a furnace, aka pups, in the tent. I sent him over to sleep with Dylan cause I'm nice like that...

We did eventually get to sleep but it didn't cool off until around four in the morning so it was anything but comfortable. But we were under a tree and I caught glimpses of the full moon thru the branches. It wasn't the worst night to be sleeping outside.

This deer buddy came right up to our campsite begging for food in the morning. Roscoe handled that real well.

Gorman Falls was unexpectedly awesome. I had no idea what it looked like until we got there. Plus we arrived just as the sun was coming up and the light was amazing. I did my best to capture it with no tripod and had so much fun. Walk 100 meters back up the trail and you're in boring Texas desert. The tiny rainforest is just such a pleasant surprise.

This lizard scampered out next to me on a rock while I was framing a shot. Scared the daylights out of me...

"I'm ready to pull Dylan all the way back to the car!"

Our campsite's shade tree. It was so tangly.

Here pups is thinking, "Sit down, let me tell you the story of the worst weekend of my life. It started yesterday and it continues still...."

Dog missed his air conditioning all weekend. Didn't believe me when I explained to him that some dogs don't get to live in air conditioning.

Afternoon nap in the tent to end the weekend on a high note. Then singing along to country songs on the way home.

Pups stirred from his slumber in the backseat right as we were in the drive-thru at Whataburger for the post-camp meal like, "Did nobody order me a bacon cheeseburger??"

He has such a hard life.

Have a great day :-)

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