Monday, February 22, 2016

Yoo 703 - Pace Bend Camping Trip

We went camping at Pace Bend Park over Valentine's Day weekend. It's one of the few camping destinations in Texas that doesn't require reservations and therefore wasn't already booked. Set on miles of Lake Travis shoreline, there are literally hundreds of primitive campsites to choose from. We drove around a few coves before we found the perfect one. It was off the road a bit, on a cliff with great water access for Roscoe. And we had the place to ourselves.

The sunset was spectacular. We perched ourselves on a high cliff overlooking the water and watched the sun disappear straight ahead while boats headed back to docks on the water below.

Almost 33 weeks! I look huge.

Playing around with the tent light...Ironman style.

Pups prefers my side of the two-man tent. Aka, he sprawls out on the bottom half of my sleeping bag. And then looks at me like, "What? This is what you get for trying to shove a big dog in a small tent." We went to bed at probably 8 o'clock because it was dark. And then I woke up just after midnight with a bought of insomnia. Until 4 o'clock. Pups and I passed the time together sitting in the car watching episodes of Psych.

"The sun is up...let's be done with the tent already guys."

Breakfast. I wanted to try a recipe for lemon raspberry pancakes. And then Greg just complained the whole time about how complicated they were. Actually, he was complaining about how much of a pain it is to cook things like pancakes on a camp stove with only two heat settings: "Your food is never getting cooked" and "Instantly charcoal black". So the pancakes didn't turn out super good but you know what? We didn't starve.

I packed the pop tarts.

Trying out the new toy! We're both pretty terrible at slacklining...but improving. Ideally we would be able to do this barefoot but the only place we could set up happened to be over sharp rocks and pokey weeds. And my feet can only take so much of that when I'm bailing the line every couple steps. So shoes.

Pups had the time of his life. We were able to let him run and swim free as we camped and hiked. He kept looking at us like "This is great! Why can't it be like this all he time??"

We drove into Austin on the way home to pick up baby room furniture at Ikea. But the crib I wanted was out of stock! Apparently it was out of stock at every Ikea for some reason an employee told us but I was too annoyed to hear. Had that been in stock it would have saved me a lot of pain later on...but we did walk out with a rocking chair and shelves for the changing table.

Have a great day :-)

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