Saturday, December 19, 2015

Yoo 687 - More Morgan

Margie and I were shortly reunited after our California parks trip when she spontaneously flew into SA for Halloween weekend. I took only the above picture! But here are the highlights:

The excitement of pups when we picked her up at the airport and how he slowly inched his way onto her lap from the back seat. It was as subtle as can be imagined with an 80-pound dog. He's hilarious.

Dragging Morgan around USAA that afternoon, mostly for a "death by dessert" event.

Hocus Pocus and an evening nap for the nurse followed by me feeling really really sick and only able to stomach the thought of eating BBQ. Pregnancy is weird. So we ate BBQ and I felt much better.

A night-time stroll along the river walk trying to keep Roscoe from killing all the ducks.

THE AIR SHOW. Was the highlight. Greg and I are little kids when it comes to the air show, and I was so happy that Morgan fell prey to its excitement as well. We walked away a little disappointed that there wasn't a F-22 demonstration, but the Thunderbirds and everyone else put on a good show. And we did get to see a F-22 engine strapped to the back of a semi truck and just hearing that engine is ALMOST enough.

Hamburgers and the Rugby World Cup final with Greg's parents that happy Halloween evening. Plus candy!

Sunday morning stroll around the Japanese Tea Gardens.


Frantic packing after miscommunication about how we were going to get me to my Messiah rehearsal and Morgan back to the airport on time Sunday evening.

More miscommunication at the Messiah rehearsal and me wandering aimlessly looking for Morgan and Greg on the greenway trail near the church while Morgan and Greg wandered aimlessly at the church looking for me. You'd think cell phones would prevent episodes like these but they only work if you carry them on your person....


And it sucked. Life is really fun when family comes to visit.

Have a great day :-)

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