Sunday, March 27, 2016

Yoo 689 - The Baby Room

The baby room has come a long way since October, when I first got the itch to nest. I came home from work one day and suddenly the living room was torn apart and I was designing a desk that would fit perfectly in the corner so I could move our "office" out of the extra bedroom.

Fast forward to Christmas and I had finished that bulky project and cleared most of the junk out of the extra bedroom just in time to celebrate with family for a week.

I didn't do much else to the room until the first week in March when I realized time was running out. And all the below happened in about two weeks. Because when I'm motivated...

This is how the room looks from the doorway. I stop and stare at it for a million seconds every time I pass it. And yes, Roscoe is usually sprawled out in there like that. He's taken a liking to this room as well.

The changing table/dressing corner.

With Roscoe, too.

The rocking chair corner. I found the animal canvas prints at Goodwill when I was just a few months pregnant. They were only four bucks and I figured I could work them into a baby room somehow. It's kind of how the loose "jungle" theme came about. I also added a cool dimmer to the lamp so I don't have to turn it on all the way in the middle of the night.

I've had these Ikea leaf things since before I was married. I know I was dating Greg because he was with me when I bought them on a whim. But they've been sitting around for years and have finally found their place.

Pups was sad when we hung them up...he lost a good hideout.

The crib almost made me cry. We were given a nice hand-me-down cherry-finished crib from a friend. It was in fine condition. Except I had visions of a white crib to fit in with everything. Long story short, painting a crib is a complete pain and never ever ever. We ended up throwing in the towel and using some store credits to get this one. And I still feel bad about it.

I made the crib skirt. It took all of an hour. And we'll document it on the official record that Greg was right about the fabric color. I rolled my eyes at him in the store when he suggested this one and then after comparing it to everything else I realized it was our best option. So props to him.

These fabric animal prints were another Goodwill find years ago that I've been hanging onto.

And the guest bed corner of the room. Because Harold still needs a home and my mom still needs a place to sleep when she comes to visit. I don't care if it fits with the "theme" of the room or not, I will never give up that massive space shuttle photo.

This concludes the tour.


Also on the official record, me, just a day south of 39-weeks pregnant:

I felt totally stupid taking a photo but I might miss this someday. I kind of like being pregnant...and I never thought I'd say that. But I feel like it's easier than what comes next. And I'm still sleeping thru the night (if you don't count the 4 times I have to get up to pee).

Now Roscoe again, to finish this out.

He's a little unsure about this impending "baby". But I keep promising him he's my number one pups.

Have a great day :-)

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Nicole Jessop said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so excited!!!! You're so cute pregnant! I love the nursery!