Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Yoo 690 - Relentless Birds and Poems of Pups

It's 3:30 in the morning and I'm up baking banana bread and making my way thru the "Needs Attention" paper pile on my desk. I blame this entirely on the birds right outside my bedroom window that have been communicating relentlessly since 2:12 am. It's a mixture of chirps, tweets, "ca-caaaaaws!", and whistling. And it's loud.

Of course this insomnia has nothing to do with the fact that I'm 39 weeks pregnant and kind of getting anxious for this dang kid sweet, innocent baby to decide it's ready.


Also of note, Roscoe is "up" keeping me company as well. See above.

So, in this pile of "Needs Attention" paper work there's an insurance claim that needs to be filed. But that requires scanning a document to PDF with my printer and I lost gumption flipping thru the user's manual trying to figure out how to do that. Which brought me to these gems. They're poems that Greg and I wrote about Roscoe on a whim months ago that I didn't want to lose. And what better place to not lose them than on the blog.


Roscoe. A poem by Greg.
I love when he runs
     all over the place
Then hops on my lap
     and licks my face
He looks for a scratch
     when he lies on his back
Follows me to the kitchen
     to beg for a snack
I love my dog Roscoe
     I will for all time
In his presence I'm joyful
     I find the sublime.
Roscoe, the dog. A poem by Teagan.
Cold wet nose, seeking food always.
Copious cheeks, draped across resting paws.
Golden eyes, loyal and loving and wide.
Neck fat, begging to be squished between my hands.
Puppy paws, smelling like corn chips.
Chiseled haunches, backing into my leg for a massage.
Soft fur, all over my clothes and home.
Wagging tail, no affections hidden.
Floppy ears, whipping back and forth.
Crazy energy. Couch! Stairs! Bed! Again!
Roscoe, my dog.
And some pics of pups to take us out. We love this dork dog.

Have a great day :-)

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