Sunday, May 8, 2016

Yoo 702 - First Road Trip

Dylan and I set out on the road, destination Nebraska, last Saturday. Skylar too! It was her first road trip and I have no complaints. Ok, I have one complaint, and that's Oklahoma and Kansas standing between Texas and Nebraska. It took us five hours to get thru Oklahoma! Skylar required three nursing stops there. One just 24 miles after the previous one. Kansas wasn't as bad. All in all, she added about 1.5 hours to the trip making it 14.5 hours.

Not too shabby!

We brought food for the day and only had to stop for gas and anytime Skylar decided she was hungry. Dylan would take pups for a walk while I nursed and then I'd walk around with baby girl for a while to give us both a break from the carseats before we'd set out again. The drive passed quite quickly as we listened to episodes of Psych for most of the day.

The real fun was how much extra stuff I had to pack for this tiny human. Her gear took up 3/4 of the least. It was complicated. And then my parents were really impressed that I'd fit everything in my car as I was unloading it all onto their dining room floor. And trying to distract my dad from the mess with a cute baby when he walked in.

Pups still hasn't gotten used to sharing the backseat. His head ends up in the funniest places as he tries to sprawl out. There were a few times one of us had to crawl back there to keep Skylar entertained and he was super put out. Refused to move and then sat with his whole body leaning on us when we tried to scoot him out of the way.

Road trip with a baby in the back!

The last hour or so, I was in the back keeping Skylar happy so we let pups sit up front. He loved his life. Dylan did too. She needs a dog. But until then, it's so nice to have her around spoiling pups!

Almost to Nebraska! I was giving her a pep talk about meeting the rest of her aunts and uncle. But most of all her grandpa. It's been so fun being here and sharing her with everyone. Lots of loves for Skylar!

And the fire pit. The night we got here, Adam had a good fire going and it was fun to sit around and chat. It's been a bit rainy since then but I'm intent on getting a few more fires in before I have to go back to Texas!

Have a great day :-)

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