Sunday, May 15, 2016

Yoo 707 - Waking Up Is Too Hard

"I am so sleepy."

"But I've been sleeping forever. I think I'm getting hungry."

"Is mom around?"

"Oh right, I was sleeping."

"But wait, I'm so hungry!"

"I can do this."

"Just wake up! Food is close!"

"Never mind. Waking up is too hard."

And that's Skylar trying to wake herself up. It's a long, entertaining process.

Now for a bunch of phone photos.

Adam helped me set up the slackline and we've been practicing. It's considerably easier without a big belly, but I'm still not good. Skylar sat outside and watched us, cute as ever.

My friend from church/high school happened to be in Nebraska as well this week so we met up for a "play date" to say hi and see each other's babies. Kamille is still one of my favorite people. She's so funny.

Skylar was obviously very into the play date. She was passed out the whole time. And kind of looks like she has a black eye in this photo. I promise she doesn't.

More bonfires. And Skylar's first! She was mesmerized by the flames.

My mom "curls" Skylar's hair into a mohawk. But she won't call it a mohawk. I call it adorable.

Suckerfish Skylar! She doesn't take these types of pacifiers very often, but when she does, I can't stop laughing.

Last package of newborn diapers! Though I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to exchange them. Judging by the number of blowouts we've had recently, I think it's time to move on to size 1 and I'm crying.

Roscoe's always like "Whatever, nobody loves me."

Fresh baby! And then she pooped on her towel.

Bucky, the cat, found baby bunnies. At least these two were spared. Dylan tried to relocate them out of the cat's reach. I'm not sure if she was successful but I'm telling myself she was.

Greg challenged Skylar to a staring contest and lost. We've never noticed it before but she rarely blinks!

Have a great day :-)


Becky said...

I realized I hadn't stopped in here recently - what a lovely baby girl! Congrats. Isn't it fun?

Kyoo said...

Thank you! It is seriously the most fun :-)