Monday, May 30, 2016

Yoo 709 - Lincoln Zoo

We had to go to Lincoln to pick up a rental car last week and spent a few hours at the zoo to make a day of it. My mom insisted that she took us to this zoo all the time when we were kids but I wasn't remembering any of it until we got there. Then it came back. Measuring my wing span, looking for paper to feed Leo the Lion, and playing in the Eagle's nest. And so I carried on the tradition with Skylar.

She was as thrilled as any six-week-old could be, happily snoozing away in her carrier. But I exuded enough excitement for both of us! I measured our wing span and fed Leo and sat in the Eagle's nest and went down the slide. All the while loving being a mom and having my baby cuddled up close. This is such an awesome, easy stage. She's perfectly travel-size and sleepy. Though that's quickly changing...

Greg had an exciting day as well. He got to hold a tarantula, touch a snake, pet a peacock, and feed a camel. My favorite was his narrations of all the animals' thoughts. Especially the bushbaby. Its exhibit was behind a blackout curtain, with only the glow of one red light illuminating its wide piercing eyes. Super creepy. And then Greg comes up behind me, in a hypnotic voice saying "Just give me the baby. Set it down and back slowly away. I needs this baby."

He lost narrative privileges after that. Though I'm not convinced those weren't the bushbaby's real thoughts...

For the record, I did not touch the snake and I'm still strongly questioning the legitimacy of their claimed "legless lizard" exhibit. Though I could appreciate his name. Legolas.

Still, a fun day. And we got Sam's Club soft pretzels and frozen yogurt to top it off. The end.

Have a great day :-)

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