Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Yoo 713 - Labor Day In Austin

Austin is so fun to visit. I fell in love with Zilker Park the first time Greg took me there and it's even better now with a dog and a baby. We explored the graffiti at Hope Outdoor Gallery, let Roscoe run and swim at Zilker, watched the bats, ate awesome biscuits and gravy in honor of my random pregnancy craving for it at this time last year, spent a couple hours at the best dog park on the planet (a whole island just for dogs!), and climbed up Mount Bonnell.

This all came at the cost of one night in a Motel 6 though. I used to think I was invincible and could sleep almost anywhere, but I did not sleep well on that mattress in that room next to the noisy interstate. In fact, we all woke up with aches, so it wasn't just me. Not to mention Skylar could tell she was out of her element. My perfect 12-hour sleeper woke up twice to comfort nurse. But they let dogs stay for free so pups won out. And he loved it, spending the night on the bed sprawled out between the ice-cold air conditioner and Dylan. So I guess it was worth it for him. Though he still isn't thrilled about having to share the backseat with Skylar AND Dylan right now. I try to explain to him that we all have to sacrifice a little and he's like, "Whatever, I want bacon."


Have a great day :-)

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