Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Yoo 712 - Geographic Center

I've had this draft sitting in my editor for months, so all the way back to the beginning of June...

Pictures from a beautiful Saturday evening drive to the geographical center of the United States! It's just outside the bustling city of Lebanon, Kansas, for reference. The scenery doesn't change much between Clay Center and Lebanon but I sure enjoyed watching it go by as the sun got sleepy. Closer to Kansas, the corn and beans did morph into a shag carpet of wheat, covering rolling hills to the horizon. It was pretty in the golden light and I love the flyover states of our country.

I'm still floored that I grew up here and had never heard of this place. It was only an hour away! I have now stood in that geographical center, with Peanut, and fill like a void is filled.

For the record, we did drive to "Downtown Lebanon" for the advertised souvenirs but the whole town was closed because Saturday evening. Though we did see someone mowing their lawn with an old push-reel mower as well as a former school with goats and chickens running around the yard.

Have a great day :-)

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