Saturday, June 4, 2016

Yoo 711 - Shooting With Dad

Dad's into reloading bullets. It relaxes him. Taking his girls shooting doesn't relax him but somebody's got to use all those bullets so he has more brass to reload.

"I just pull the trigger, right?"

You're welcome, dad.

Mom watched Peanut so I could join the fun last Monday. It's been a couple years since I've been shooting...but I got two bullseyes! Whether or not I was aiming for that target is irrelevant. And I only shot dad's stand once. About an inch away from where Morgan shot dad's stand once. But more than an inch away from where Morgan shot dad's stand once and completely obliterated a joint. That part had to be replaced. But my dad likes fixing things so again, we're happy to help.

The prettiest part of the night was the sunset.

The longest part of the night was teaching Morgan how to release the clip from the Glock.

The safest part of the night was dad shooting without eye protection.

The best part of the night was all of it. Morgan's funny. Dylan's the better shooter. And dad likes to pretend we bother him while not-so-secretly hiding the fact that he loves spending time with his girls (minus Jordan at camp...). I love these people.

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