Friday, June 2, 2017

Yoo 717 - Mom And Jordan Visit

I've been meaning to get back on the blog bandwagon for months! Here's this week's attempt.

My mom and Jordan were in town for the week so I took a few days off work to be a tourist. It was Jordan's first time on an airplane and neither of them have been to DC before.

Skylar learned how to climb this week and now that's all she wants to do. Fountains are especially desirable climbing gyms.

When she's not running around getting into all the things, she spends her time as a sober, scowling baby. Because she wants to be running around getting into all the things.

We did a day trip to Pennsylvania on Saturday. It was supposed to be full of factory tours but all the factories are closed on Saturdays. So instead we visited all of the factory outlet stores and bought all the snack food. And also visited a dairy and bought ice-cream. And also had delicious soft pretzels in York. York is cute! More importantly, the lesson of the day is that Hershey Chocolate World is crazy and I have no desire to ever return.

Helping me get the house clean for grandma and Jordan!

Yep she's climbing.

Up AND down.

Stealing grandma's airplane snacks!

It was a good idea until I tried it. At least Greg liked it.

She wanted to wear her swimsuit.

And this is where we spent Sunday school. In the car watching it rain. I was hoping she would fall asleep. She didn't.

Have a great day :-)

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