Friday, June 16, 2017

Yoo 718 - Trips to the ER and Baltimore (Not On The Same Day...)

When I moved to Fort Meade in April, I had a long list of things I needed to do to get us settled. I found a new doctor, a new vet, changed our address on the billions of accounts we have, updated our insurance, and so on. But I didn't figure out where to go in emergencies. And this kept bugging me at inopportune times. I'd think, "I really should look up the nearest ER that accepts our insurance...just in case." Except I wouldn't be near a computer or Skylar would be demanding my attention or whatever. So it didn't get done.

And then two weeks ago I really regretted that decision as I tried to comfort my baby, screaming and bleeding, while searching for an emergency room on my health insurance website. Skylar had knocked over a 35-lb weight that was momentarily being used to prop open a door so I could move stuff around. I saw her approach the weight and just couldn't get there in time. Her poor big toe was smashed to pieces and our house quickly resembled a crime scene as I ran around trying to get things together and figure out where to go while holding her and attempting to slow the gushes of blood. And call Greg. Miracle of miracles he wasn't on duty and his chief gave him permission to come with me to the ER. Still, the ER made for a rough afternoon! I know people talk about how tough it is to watch your child in pain...but then you experience it and it's SO TOUGH. She was a little champ though and we had great nurses. Luckily the toe wasn't broken and 3 stitches later we were told it should heal up just fine. Skylar got her first popsicle and a little stuffed bunny from the ordeal. She clung to that bunny for the next few days! It was so sweet. And I'm probably never going to wash the popsicle stains off of it.

So that happened and the actual hard part was keeping her off her feet for the next few days. Struggle of struggles: not letting a very active toddler walk! I wore her around in her carrier and we went on a lot of walks. But we survived and things are almost back to normal. It's amazing to watch the body heal itself! I doubted the doctor when he told us that in a month we probably won't even be able to tell that anything happened but he might be right...though I'd be surprised if her toenail has grown back by then...

Other exciting news: Dylan is here!! Words can't describe how convenient it is to have a nanny again. She's the best. I'm already dreading her departure later this summer.

At some point, I think it was Memorial Day, we went hiking at Catoctin Mountain Park. So pretty!

Last Saturday we took the train into Baltimore to explore. We'll definitely be going back! Greg's main objective was to get pictures for a photo story he's doing on the USS Constellation so we spent most of our time around the Inner Harbor and then eating food in Little Italy. There was a street festival going and one of the booths had a cooking demonstration. The chef was assembling a margherita grilled cheese and he added shredded parmesan on top of the buttered side he was grilling. I think our lives changed. That makes the sandwich! We'll be passing that tip on to posterity.

We also found a dog beach on the Chesapeake Bay and spoiled pups one morning. Then tested out one of Greg's MREs on the way back. They pack 1200-1600 calories a meal! But there were some fun surprises like Tootsie Rolls, an oatmeal cookie, and peanut butter. Not too shabby.

It's so fun being in a new place with soooooo much to explore in a small radius. Every weekend is full of possibilities and I have a long list of places I want to see before our time here is up! That will most likely be late September. It's going so fast.

Have a great day :-)

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